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Dec 27 2012

Bring On The Bill Clinton Tax Rates!

How does that old proverb go? Watch what you ask for – you just may get it! Americans voted in 2012 for the party of big government – and by extension the party of big deficits and big taxes to fund their big government fiction! And so here we are, ready to go over the […]

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Dec 23 2012

Let Main Street Lead By Example

This political cartoon is all the GOP, Tea Party and Libertarian need to understand to carry the day in DC and build a new political force in the nation that will take on ALL the special interests in DC [H/T Hotair]. It sums up the biggest threat to our children and grandchildren: that being our […]

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Dec 21 2012

GOP Handwringers Need A Chill Pill

Update:  This is well said and to the point [H/T Powerline]: But all concerned are working within a fiscal system that has become seriously pathological. The cliff is the latest expression of that pathology. …. It should be a matter of acute national embarrassment that our leaders can pretend to be redistributing from wealthy to […]

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Dec 20 2012

Bring On The Tax Hikes

I am barely holding out hope the House GOP can grow a backbone and provide the nation a much needed fiscal wake up call come January 1. In other words, I hope the House lets the sequestration [a.k.a. part of the fiscal cliff] take hold. Because to be honest, the wired in spending cuts are […]

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Dec 11 2012

GOP Should Use Political Jujitsu Against “Fiscal Cliff”

I was able to catch a bit of Rush Limbaugh yesterday and the short section I heard resonated with me. It also kicked off some thoughts on how the GOP is mishandling the fiscal cliff, and how to do it right. What the GOP is doing wrong is pretending they can get something out of […]

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Dec 07 2012

Let Things Play Out – Embrace The Cliff!

The country is need of a wake up call. A brutal, ice-bucket-in-the-face, wake up call. The country needs to hit the fiscal cliff – which is just a way of facing the fact we need to deal with our out-of-control spending and the cost to all of us on getting right. I have not been […]

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