Jul 23 2008

Fly By: Pakistan and Afghanistan Border Region 07_23_08 – Updated

Little time for an in depth discussion on the material I found recently, but I do want to get it out for folks to review.

First, there is a conflict brewing between the militant Taliban and the local government and pro-government tribes. The stage is set for a major crackdown by the government as the militant Taliban have grown tired of being controlled and are anxious to begin full Jihad against Afghanistan, NATO, America and now possibly the new Pakistan government.

This article describes a coordinated effort with Saudi Arabia to establish moderate groups in the Pak Tribal Areas. It is quite enlightening.

This article talks about how foreign fighters are entering the region via Iran.

This article discusses how the local government of the North West Frontier Province is standing up and promising to (a) negotiate a peace but (b) meet violence with military action.

This article covers a major US actions in successfully taking out a large number of militants, and capturing a good number too (which will generate intel on future targets no doubt).

This article notes how Pak government forces are massing in the Swat region of the NWFP, portending a coming clash with the militants in that area.

If I get a chance I will try and update this later with any breaking news out today.

Update: More news coming out of the region today.

This article notes recent Pak military actions in the NWFP near the Afghan border, which pushed out the Taliban.

This article reports on the capture of a very senior Taliban leader in Afghanistan’s Helmund Province (more intelligence forthcoming no doubt).

This article outlines how the Taliban have increased their suicide bombing activities in Pakistan using young men and boys as their weapon delivery system.  This is not sitting well on the Pakistan public.

It is now established that al Qaeda introduced suicide bombing in Pakistan. Such desperate acts of violence were previously unknown in the tribal areas of Pakistan. Even Taliban did not use human bodies as weapons against their rivals – the Northern Alliance. It is also claimed by the militants that their targets are the Americans and their allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Their objective is only to expel what they call foreign occupation forces from Afghanistan and prevent any government in Pakistan from pursuing a pro-US policy. However, this is not their real agenda. Their real agenda is to prevent the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan from exercising their democratic right of electing a government of their free choice. The militants have openly declared that their ultimate aim is to establish in Pakistan and Afghanistan a system of government based on shariat as defined by them. The most deplorable aspect of the militancy in Pakistan and Afghanistan is the use of our young generation in this bloody war. This generation is our most precious asset and we should condemn, discourage and oppose all such activities that are promoting such evil things.

Echos of an Awakening it would seem to me.

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