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Nov 27 2007

Fly By 11/27/07

Lots and lots happening related to Iraq and little time to post this morning – so back to the Fly By format. Top of the list is the neutering of the far left’s attempts to pull out of Iraq and destroy our currently fragile progress that was so hard fought for (and sacrificed for) this […]

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Nov 25 2007

Fly By 11/25/07

Some more quick hits on stories I was reading this morning before heading out for the day. Turkey has a man in jail who claims to have trained the 9-11 hijackers. While this could be faux bravado or some effort to divert attention, the man does seem to have the characteristics one would expect in […]

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Nov 24 2007

Fly By 11/24/07

A bit busy this Thanksgiving weekend, hope everyone is had a great Thanksgiving day. We are spending some excellent family time together, so blogging will be light for a few days. But I won’t leave folks totally high and dry, so here is a Fly By of some interesting stories on al-Qaeda and Iraq. One […]

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Oct 29 2007

Fly By 10/29/07

Just some quick hits this morning (meetings again) – but more this afternoon when I get a break. I find the fact that Alexander Litvinenko WAS a MI6 paid ‘consultant’ (at his salary of 2,000 pounds (~$3500) a month he was probably just an informant) a very interesting and telling twist to the Polonium smuggling […]

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Oct 17 2007

Fly By 10/17/07

Some of you maybe can tell by the light posting I am on travel again. It’s going to be like this for about 3-4 weeks. Anyway, I should be able to update some posts later this afternoon but here are some stories I find interesting: On the politics front the GOP is being given a […]

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Oct 08 2007

Fly By 10/08/07

On the road with the family enjoying a day of rollercoasters at Busch Gardens Williamsburg for LJStrata’s annual birthday bash – with a dash of fast. Take if from all of us, ride the Griffon. Totally wicked. The youngest finally got to do Lochness Monster and are on their way to becoming coaster addicts like […]

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Oct 01 2007

Fly By 10/01/07

Wanted to do a Fly By on the War on terrorism and some key stories out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Not much time for commentary on these this morning. To the surprise (actually, ‘dismay’ would be a more accurate word) of the liberal media the results of The Surge are still paying dividends. The death […]

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May 15 2007

Fly By 05/15/07

All day meetings so posting will be sadly light today. So a Fly By is in order! BTW – we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary this week on Friday – so an early thanks to everyone who has helped this site grow to the success it is today (a special thanks to LJStrata […]

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Mar 20 2007

Flyby 03/20/07

A quick Flyby this morning before a full day of work. Here is an interesting account in the BBC from someone who has taken two trips into Ramadi – the heart of al Qaeda’s dream caliphate and a center of terrorism and insurgency in Iraq. A snippet: This city of some 400,000 people has been […]

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Feb 22 2007

Fly By 02/22/07

I am just rolling my eyes over the Clinton-Obama bickering today. Is this really the most important news in the nation or world today? Clinton-Obama Throwdown The two leading Democratic presidential camps have gotten into a nasty row involving Hollywood kingmaker David Geffen. But neither side wins this fight. Nasty? How about “petty and childish”? […]

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