Nov 27 2008

India Under Attack From Islamo Fascists

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It seems the national security tests of Obama and the Democrats is beginning in India, and now I can understand why Obama was hesitant to swap out people at the Department of Defense. Since he has been elected he is seeing information and getting advice that would gray the hairs of most people. I can only imagine the number and scope of threats facing this nation as it goes through its first transition of power since 9-11.

As we go through this transfer of power our enemies will test our will and resolve, and apparently it begins in India:

Gunmen attacked three luxury hotels, a hospital, a train station, a movie theater and other buildings in Mumbai late Wednesday, killing at least 100 people and wounding more than 300 in a rampage through India’s financial capital, police said. The attackers took dozens of people hostage, and witnesses said they were seeking out Americans and Britons. An unknown group asserted responsibility in e-mails to India’s news media.

More here. Taking hostages is tragic change in tactics for terrorists. Hostages provide a means for the terror element to be extended and exploited. All one needs to do is contemplate situations like the Beslan School hostage crisis in Russia to realize hostage taking is a powerful tactic that gains wide spread attention and anxiety.

What I have not heard is any response from the incoming administration on their general stance on the attacks. The Islamo Fascists have been attempting to create a regional conflict between India, Afghanistan and Pakistan (two of the three now with nuclear weapons). The jihadists would truly love to start a major conflict, out of which they would be able to take control of vast areas of the region. 

To counter these efforts requires international solidarity and support. It means a war weary America must once again flex its power and influence to stabilize and cauterize as required. There is no ‘ending the war’ as Obama and the Dems have chanted regularly over the past year.

BTW, Mumbai, India was the center of attacks back in July 2006 as well:

Bombay Bombings:Al Qaeda Needs More Enemies

Al Qaida Linked To Bombay Bombings

Update: More on the intelligence chatter indicating an al-Qaeda transition attack effort and an update how the battles in Mambai, India are raging on this American Thanksgiving.

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  1. dave m says:

    I think Magic Man should personally go to Mumbai and
    ask his brothers to stop it.
    He said that he was willing to talk to our enemies without
    So get out there and start yappin’

    You owe the international liberal community nothing less.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    They also have attacked a Jewish compound and have at least a Rabbi and his family as hostages.

    Reports are coming in that the attacks came in from the sea and it may be tied back to the Somali pirates in response to India attacking what they believed to be the mother ship used for their activities.

  3. crosspatch says:

    I believe this was an al Qaida operation with Iranian facilitation/training. Pointers back to Pakistan were obvious and a point of the operation. I think the main purpose of the operation is to heat up Pakistan/India relations and cause Pakistan to transfer troops out of the tribal region to the Indian border.

    This attack would do little to advance the ISI agenda in Kashmir and would actually be counter-productive in that respect.