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Dec 08 2008

Hundreds Need Not Die To Force Pakistan Into Action

The Mumbai, India attacks represent a serious failure of Pakistan to deal with the terrorist thugs who operate within their borders and export death and destruction to its neighbors. The excuses being laid out by Pakistan that the terrorists acts are not a reflection on Pakistan are becoming laughable. Pakistan needs to understand it either […]

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Dec 07 2008

Indian Cells Supported Mumbai Attack

The recent Mumbai, India attack is a horrid example of what can happen when Islamo Fascists gain native support and assistance in their efforts to murder masses of innocent human beings simply living their lives. In this chilling report it has now been confirmed that radical Indians assisted the Mumbai terrorist attack, which was probably […]

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Nov 30 2008

Time To Clear The Pakistani Tribal Swamp Of Pure Evil

Modern societies are not police states. There is no way to stop a small number of fanatical martyrs from going on mass killing sprees like we have seen in India this week. The chilling details of what was planned for Mumbai (Bombay), India, now spewing from the sole surviving attacker, are a wake up call for […]

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Nov 27 2008

India Under Attack From Islamo Fascists

It seems the national security tests of Obama and the Democrats is beginning in India, and now I can understand why Obama was hesitant to swap out people at the Department of Defense. Since he has been elected he is seeing information and getting advice that would gray the hairs of most people. I can […]

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