Oct 21 2008

I am Joe the Plumber

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I’m just a geek that tries to help AJStrata get his message out by keeping the plumbing working here at the Strata-Sphere. I really wanted to go to the Woodbridge, VA rally this past Saturday but our twins had a festival at school, and as a mom, I couldn’t tell them that we had to miss it for John McCain (even though they are some of his biggest fans!) but I wish I had been able to go.

Look who did make it and what they had to say to the press about their horrific treatment of Joe the plumber.

Why can’t we see this covered on the nightly news??

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  1. DJStrata says:

    Anyone who is near Leesburg, VA who is a John McCain supporter get out to Ida Lee Park today around 3 to show Obama that we do not want his changes and that VA is McCain Country!!!!! And anyone who wants to call out the media like supporters at the McCain rally here is your chance!