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Aug 23 2011

Surviving The 2011 Virginia Earthquake

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Well, that was an interesting day, to say the least. Like everyone else in and around DC this afternoon I was at my office desk working when I felt a shimmy run through my office. The first pulse was not enough to pull me immediately from my computer, but I looked out across the hall […]

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Mar 08 2010

The Revolt Over Obamacare Is Spreading

Liberals who think they can Rahm through government rationed Health Care are being sent a loud message from the states - who are lining up to legally block Obamacare: The Virginia Legislature this week is poised to become the first state to pass legislation that says citizens cannot be required to have medical insurance. Dozens of […]

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Nov 03 2009

Today’s Elections

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Democrats better take notice in Virginia today. The purple state that has been trending democrat for years, some could say leading the defection of the GOP that took hold in 2006 and 2008, which went for Barack Obama in 2008 53-47%, is going to send a message today. The state is going to elect a […]

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Nov 25 2008

Extreme Positions Create Extreme Backlashes

Illegal immigration is an issue I find myself just disgusted with. On the far right we have the “deport them now” crowd who call anything less ‘amnesty’. Whether its deportation by rounding up illegals and dumping all 20+ million over the border or it is through economic blackmail, these folks took the only sane option […]

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Oct 25 2008

It’s All Ground Game Now

Something big is happening in Northern Virginia. I have been out of the country for a week and I came back home to the place I was born, raised and where I raised my family to find I did not recognize it. The area has become obsessed with the presidential election! There are signs everywhere […]

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Oct 21 2008

I am Joe the Plumber

I’m just a geek that tries to help AJStrata get his message out by keeping the plumbing working here at the Strata-Sphere. I really wanted to go to the Woodbridge, VA rally this past Saturday but our twins had a festival at school, and as a mom, I couldn’t tell them that we had to […]

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Sep 16 2008

Two States To Watch For Election Direction – Updated

Ever since the GOP convention and the selection of Governor Sarah Palin for the VP slot there have been numerous polls showing a pro McCain-Palin wave of various levels and duration across the nation. I have posted on these over the past few days (see below for links). What is clear is deep blue states […]

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