Sep 27 2008

CBS Edits Palin Response To Create Bad Impression Of Palin, Obama Compaign Edits Out Half A Sentence To Create A Lie

SJReidhead over at the Pink Flamingo notes why Sarah Palin came off so incoherent in those CBS News interviews with Katie Colic – Palin’s responses where edited to make her appear to stumble:

“…(2:58) Couric: What, specifically, in your view, could be done to convince the new government in Pakistan to take a harder, tougher line against terrorists in that country?

Palin: At a time when new leadership comes in, that is the opportunity to forge better, tighter, more productive relationships and that’s what we’ll take advantage of with new leadership in the US and in Pakistan. And I’m sure that President Zardari, too, will agree with us as we commit to the support that Pakistan needs, that other nations in the region need, in order to win this war on terrorism. (3:32)

(5:39) Couric: But what lessons do you think you have learned as you’ve watched this unfold in terms of implementing the democracy and the challenges inherent in that goal?

Palin: Well, one is that America cannot be counted on to do this solely, to be the savior of every other nation, but we need friends and we need allies and we need this nation-building effort and we need to forge new alliances, and that is what a new election will provide opportunity to do.

And dolts like Kathleen Parker from NRO fell for the deception. Americans need to demand CBS offer the ENTIRE unedited interview on their website – now. We can then decide for ourselves what was important to hear from Sarah Palin.

This cutting and splicing and rewording the positions of those on the right by the left is becoming fairly rampant. I have found team Obama doing it before. But the worst example I have ever seen of outright lying by snipping words was this ad by the Obama campaign, caught by ABC News (which must be trying to salvage the dying field of journalism).

Here’s the lie ABC News caught the Obama campaign making:

In the Obama campaign clip, Blunt says of McCain: “Clearly, yesterday, his position on that discussion yesterday was one that stopped a deal from finalizing”. Here is the clip

But that is not the full quote, as ABC News rightfully points out:

REP. ROY BLUNT: I do think that John McCain was very helpful in what he did. I saw him this morning, we’ve been talking with his staff. Clearly, yesterday, his position on that discussion yesterday was one that stopped a deal from finalizing that no House Republican in my view would have been for, which means it wouldn’t have probably passed the House. Now, Democrats are in the majority. They can pass anything they want to without a singe Republican vote, but they don’t seem to be willing to do that. I’m please we can have negotiations now that get us back towards things that we think can protect the taxpayers better, create more options, and frankly be better understood in the country than the plan—the path we were on a couple of days ago.

Does the country want a President who outright lies and makes up things about others so he can win? What, is this Venezuela or something?

Update: The Anchoress pointed us to this site – and here is the full transcript. Seems CBS is grooming a female Dan RaTher.

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12 Responses to “CBS Edits Palin Response To Create Bad Impression Of Palin, Obama Compaign Edits Out Half A Sentence To Create A Lie”

  1. BarbaraS says:

    Scary, isn’t it? That the media which is supposed to oversee and bring us news of the nation and the world are such manipulative liars. They no longer even try to hide it. I tried to watch the debate last night but when Obama claimed he warned the senate two years ago that this debacle was coming, I turned off the tv. My blood pressure couldn’t take it. I have never seen such a liar run for president. I know politicians are by nature liars but he goes way beyond anyone else I have heard which is really saying something. I haven’t heard the press call him on his lies and never will.

  2. Mark78 says:,


  3. kathie says:

    The MSM is not going to change. They want to elect Obama at any cost, because they know what is good and right. We the ordinary Americans who have to live with the consequences be damned.

    Any lie will do, any past associations are moot. Unless someone stands up and says enough and leads, it will not stop.

    It is too depressing for words our MSM. So the Obama campaign sends out word that all their supporters should watch CNN for the debates. Then all those people vote to say that Obama won. The commentators on CNN rap-up say it is a landslide for Obama look at the votes.

    I’m beginning to think that this country needs to hit rock bottom, a few more terrorist attacks, a giant depression, and a president who is a community organizer, before it sees the light.

    Mc Cain could have discredited Obama last night and did not. He was so busy running away from Bush he didn’t bother to state the obvious.

    The country financially struggled after the dot com bubble and 911 but it was on the way up. Low unemployment, money pouring into the treasury, low gas prices. Fancy words will not hurry up the process. The dems got into office, look what has happened. Is this the kind of change we want?

    The Arab world doesn’t like us. Our standing in the world has plummeted. They love al Quada. We are in the process of changing that.

    When Obama decided that we should not fight in Iraq, he was running for the Senate. He had no Intel knowledge, it was a political choice. For God sake he chose as a running mate a guy who voted 2 times for the war, who sat on committees that knew the intel back wards and forwards. What does that say about his judgment.

    Obama wants to help the little guy but thinks that $4 for a gallon of gas is fine. Now that is change we can believe in.

    It just goes on and on, where was McCain to point out the stupidity of this fancy worded guy who is a complete empty suit.
    The guy wants to raise taxes on the big bad guys who hire, who create employment, but wants everyone to have money to buy a house. Now that is the kind of change we can believe in.

    I could go on and on, but the onus is on Mc Cain. If he can’t do the job on Obama, and point out the fallacy of Obama’s thinking, Obama will be our next president.

  4. VA Voter says:

    Both McCain and Palin should bring their own camera people to record the entire session, including a visable second by second time stamp, with the understanding that they will post the entire interview the day after the interview appears on the network.

  5. owl says:

    Barbara, it is very scary. I decided in 2002 that the MSM is more scary than terrorists. Yep, sounds goofy but think about it. They almost lost us a war. Not the soldiers, the MSM. They hate us (anything American) and never met a terrorist that they didn’t think was having his rights abused.

    Obama lied in our faces, deliberately. If the MSM did not fight his battles, he could not overcome last night’s lies.

    The most important thing McCain said last night was when he told The One that what he was saying was “dangerous”. He also said that you did not say such out loud.

    Palin. I seldom agree with Lopez, but she is right about Palin. Whoever is handling her……………..FIRE them. I do not care if she is slick, knows the answers, etc. I care that she is The American. Turn her loose. Tell her to be herself and quit cramming for the exam. Stop it. I do not care how dumb she sounds on any answer. I want her to tell us that when she is faced with ANY decision, she will simply look at Trig and do what is right for him. That she will have the answer when she needs it because she is Trig’s mom. And no one, any place is coming to hurt him. Sixty thousand people did not come out to hear some slick politician. They came for The American.

  6. kathie says:

    OWL….I sent that message to McCains campaign’s blog. Everybody should do the same. Voters want an American not a clone.

  7. Terrye says:

    Even with the editing Palin did alright. My God, just compare this interview to some of the crazy stuff Biden says almost everyday.

  8. Mike M. says:

    VA Voter is dead right. ANY Republican candidate needs to have their own camera for interviews.

    The propaganda press spinning things isn’t new…it’s been going on for decades. Carlo d’Este, in his biography of Patton, argues that General Patton’s staff needed to have a stenographer at every single press opening – and that was 65 years ago.

    But it’s gotten terrible now. The United States is mutating…and between the press lies and Dem thuggery, I fear it is mutating into something reminiscent of a totalitarian dictatorship.

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  10. MerlinOS2 says:

    This is the second network interview with ‘creative editing’.

    What bothered me more though is it looks like the McCain camp has her in such tight binders as to what she should say.

    Her style, wording a cadence were all like reading a press release which is not her.

    I know that they don’t want to pick up after a gaffe, but I just had the impression that they might as well have sent a tape recorder to play the talking points they wanted.

    They have her on way too tight a leash and I think if she had more freedom she would have beaten back some of the gotcha questions thrown at her. You can even detect that in the looks in her eyes if you follow it.

    I have seen this same observation on multiple comment threads so it isn’t just something I am thinking.

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