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Oct 01 2008

Proof Positive Palin Has A Touch The Political Industrial Complex Doesn’t Get

Kathleen Parker is out whining that more people see HER as inept and buffoonish than see those traits in Sarah Palin. Parker is now the darling of the liberal elite attacking Sarah Palin, since she is one of the few conservative elite who ‘get’s it’.  As I said when Parker wrote her first hand-wringing bit […]

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Sep 27 2008

CBS Edits Palin Response To Create Bad Impression Of Palin, Obama Compaign Edits Out Half A Sentence To Create A Lie

SJReidhead over at the Pink Flamingo notes why Sarah Palin came off so incoherent in those CBS News interviews with Katie Colic – Palin’s responses where edited to make her appear to stumble: “…(2:58) Couric: What, specifically, in your view, could be done to convince the new government in Pakistan to take a harder, tougher […]

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Sep 26 2008

Kathleen Parker Is An Embarrassment

Kathleen Parker is a whining embarrasment to the GOP.  She is wringing her hands because an average American, Sarah Palin, is poised to become part of the leadership of this country. Her solution, demand Palin to step down becuase Ms Parker, Goddess of all Knowledge, is embarrased. Well Ms Parker is a joke and an […]

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