Jul 08 2008

Democrats Skulking Towards Utter Failure

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The Democrat led Congress has fallen to historic lows in terms of support from the American people:

The percentage of voters who give Congress good or excellent ratings has fallen to single digits for the first time in Rasmussen Reports tracking history. This month, just 9% say Congress is doing a good or excellent job. Most voters (52%) say Congress is doing a poor job, which ties the record high in that dubious category.

Actually, the Fair+Poor rating is a whopping 88%. The Democrats have no one to blame but themselves for this debacle. They claimed Iraq was doomed to certain failure and tried for months to force a surrender of Iraq to al-Qaeda. They were roundly proven wrong as Iraq is now heading for near certain (nothing is a given) victory. al-Qaeda has been vanquished from Iraq and, in the process, incurred enormous casualties and loss of respect and credibility in the Muslim world. In fact, to most Muslims in Iraq, al-Qaeda is the enemy of Islam, not its future.

But that is not all Congress has failed on. Energy and fuel prices have more than doubled in the less than two years these buffoons have been running Congress. And the Dems are resisting any and all efforts to relieve the pressure on Americans by drilling for oil in our vast reserves here at home. Americans deserve to tap their resources to make it through this transition from oil-based to alternative fuel based transportation. And America is fed up with a do-nothing Congress as it sees its finances sucked out of them.

And finally, the Democrats have been caught lying to their base too many times not to be seriously damaged. They have capitulated on the Iraq war by providing full funding of the effort twice now. And this week they are poised to hand Bush a signature victory on the FISA-NSA legislation.

In 2006 the GOP Congress faced this kind of backlash and lost control of Congress. Voters cannot take their anger and frustration out on Bush, so they only have Democrats to target in the voting booth this November. The polls are not yet reflecting the response America will give to these failures, but they will soon (polls tend to lag large shifts in public moves since pollsters delay changing their voter mix models based on one or two samples).

And the one candidate who might take the brunt of this anger is Barrack Obama. He is the leader of the failed Democrat movement. He is the one who has had to shift positions towards McCain to try and avoid the backlash brewing from the moderate center. McCain is out pushing drilling and nuclear power plants to ease our energy crisis. Obama and the Democrats are resisting. McCain is demanding we finish our march to victory in Iraq, Obama is having to change his position on Iraq closer to that of McCain. And Obama has had to support Bush’s new FISA victory.

All the signs point to an election year disaster for the Dems. The polls could turn around by the end of this summer, if America feels like taking its anger out on the only targets it has available for these mistakes.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    I saw an article yesterday that China wanted to have 100 Westinghouse AP1000 plants built and/or under construction by 2020. That is ambitious. I see nothing like that coming out of the Democrats. All they seem to want to do is ban incandescent lamps and drilling. They don’t push anything. They are defined by what they are against and what they prevent and what they ban, not by what they do. Republicans seem to be the only ones that have any vision to do anything.

    People, we need to use the primary system better. Even if you are a Democrat, see that an alternative candidate runs in the primary and vote for them. You don’t have to vote for the other party to throw the bums out. That is what the primary process is about. We can throw the incumbents out before the general election and still vote our party choice in the general election.

  2. crosspatch says:

    And here we have the darling of the Democrats, Hugo Chaves, apparently actively supporting Hezbollah. He is quickly becoming an Iranian puppet in the Western Hemisphere.

  3. Neo says:

    Shiites believe the reappearance of the 12th Imam will bring justice and peace to the world by establishing Islam throughout the world. They believe he will reappear when the world has fallen into chaos. It is believed the chaos will start in Afghanistan and then move into Iraq, where there will be blood and destruction everywhere (already in the works) and from there to the world with burning dark clouds (nuclear war). The 12th Imam will then come to destroy the “Dajjal,” the False Messiah, free the world from oppression and aggression, and then bring justice where it will be heaven on earth for many years to come. It is said Jesus will reappear at the same time and fight alongside Mahdi.

    If I read this right, the Iranians predict Obama, the “Dajjal” (AKA the False Messiah), will win, but will be destroyed by Mahdi, the 12th imam.
    No wonder that Obama, the “Dajjal”, is so big on “service”. Charlie Rangel may finally get that draft he has been trying to get for years now.

  4. Toes192 says:

    Unfortunately, I do not see enough credible Repub candidates to overthrow the coming bigger Dem majorities. Correct me if I’m wrong, pls.

  5. VinceP1974 says:

    Finally other people are noticing Hezbellah is in South/Central America.

    I”ve been screaming about it for years with no tractin.

  6. VinceP1974 says:

    I been studying Islamic Eschatology for a while.

    There are three primary characters in the Islamic End Time.

    Mahdi = The Islamic Messiah. The shiias say he is the 12th Imam who went into occultation around 900-1000 AD and is in a well in Iran somewhere.

    The Shiias believe Allah will send the Mahdi at the right time… but the Twelvers in Iran believe they can force Allah’s hand by causing global devastation.. the requirement for the Mahdi to be sent.

    The Sunnis don’t necessarily go along with the 12th Imam thing but they believe in an Islamic Messiah, he will be the Caliph of Islam who accomplishes the global conquest that Islam demands Muslims do.

    The Mahdi has a subordinate.. Jesus (who I will call Isa from now on).. Isa will descend from heaven and assist the Mahdi in the world conquest… though the Mahdi and Isa will focus on Jerusalem.

    The future Caliphate will reign from Jerusalem.

    The third “person” is the Dijjal.. a supernatural “Anti-Christ”. He will be on the side of Israel and the Jews and will try to led Muslims astray at the same time Muslims are slaughtering everyone all over the place.

    To you Christians out there, I hope you have made these connections:

    Mahdi = Antichrist
    Isa = False Prophet
    Dijjal = Jesus, Son of God of Israel

    Check out my website , there’s a new book “God’s War On Terror” that will change the way American CHristians view the Bible and the “Left Behind” scenerio that many believe in, that has just come out. The authors are Walid Shoebat and Joel RIchardson.

  7. crosspatch says:

    The most dangerous part of all of this is that the nut-job President of Iran believes he can precipitate the coming of the Mahdi by creating mayhem in the region. AND he feels it is his religious duty to do so, even if it means martyring the entire population of his country. There is no deterrent for that kind of insanity short of the Grand Ayatollah telling him directly to his face that he is full of crap and doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  8. VinceP1974 says:

    The most dangerous part of all of this ..

    That is not the most dangerous part.

    The most dangerous part is the idiots in Washington DC don’t believe him.

  9. KauaiBoy says:

    As I read this latest statistic I see good news in that the stupidity factor is down to 9%. If this were a sports team or a real business they would replace the entire management team (every one of them—yours and mine) and at least try to start fresh.

  10. conman says:


    Ever the eternal optimist! A single poll showing a lower than usual rating for Congress (Congress always polls low because it is largely incompetent no matter which party is in control) and you have declared this the year of the Republicans!

    Forget the fact that even you have said that polls are not entirely reliable, especially this far in advance of the election. But I guess that only applies to polls that don’t say what you want them to say.

    Forget the fact that a late June NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed that the Congressional approval rating is significantly lower for Republicans than Democrats – 52 percent of Americans prefer Congress be controlled by Democrats, while 33 percent say they favor Republican control.

    Forget the fact that in the Senate, 12 Democratic incumbents are seeking re-election, and only 1 is expecting a competitive race. In contrast, Republicans are defending 23 seats, 5 currently held by members who are retiring, and many of the remaining incumbents are facing tough re-election battles.

    Forget the fact that in the House, there are more than two dozen Republicans retiring, giving Democrats stronger opportunities to win these soon-to-be-vacant seats than they likely would have had running against incumbents.

    Forget the fact that in the special congressional elections held in Mississippi, Louisiana and Illinois, voters selected Democratic candidates despite their districts’ heavy conservative leanings.

    Forget the fact that past elections show that when Americans are frustrated, the party that holds the White House is the party that suffers the most.

    Forget the fact that virtually every political consultant and expert is predicting that the Democrats will pick up a significant number of seats in 2008.

    Go ahead, bury your head in the sand and keep telling yourself that everything is going to be just great come this November.

  11. crosspatch says:

    The problem with the latest congressional approval numbers is that everyone believes their own congress critter is awesome and everyone else’s sucks. So we keep sending the same idiots back to Washington year after year.

    And you don’t have to think the alternative candidate is “better”. House terms are only for two years. Vote ANYBODY but the incumbent in there, give them a shot, and after two years, replace them if they are an idiot. We need to end this notion of having people in congress doing nothing for decades.

    And return the Senate to being appointed by the state legislatures.

  12. kathie says:

    I’m thinking, instead of worrying about where Iran has the potential bombs hidden, Israel needs to know when all the big mucky mucks get together and take them out, all of them. I think they would be easier to find.

  13. MerlinOS2 says:

    Obama Abandons Coordinated, Downticket Campaigns?

    At least 20 employees of the Iowa Democratic Party have been demoted or fired and a coordinated state-wide campaign was essentially disbanded, replaced by a focus on the presidential bid of Sen. Barack Obama.

    Details are sketchy, but the changes could have an impact on November’s legislative races, with field staff that was previously working for down-ticket races now being placed on the payroll of Obama’s presidential campaign and working almost entirely on its behalf.

    The article later states it seems to be a pattern in the major swing states only but still it is Obama saying it’s all about me.

  14. Terrye says:

    The Republicans may be far from perfect, but when faced with gas over $4 a gallon, they at least act like it is a problem. The Democrats just blame oil companies and tell us to wait for wind power or something.


    I don’t know how this will play out in November, it might not make a big difference, but it does point out that the People are pissy with everyone in power right now.

    In fact Bush’s numbers don’t look half bad in comparison. The only institution that does worse than Congress is the press. The only institution that consistently garners a strong majority of support is the military.

  15. Neo says:

    But, as of Monday afternoon, neither “use it or lose it” nor any other energy measure had been scheduled for floor action this week.

    Democrats said they were simply taking a different approach to passing their top energy-related priorities.

    “It’s panic time for Democrats,” said a senior Republican aide. “They are on the wrong side of three-quarters of the American people who support increased production of American-made energy.”

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