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Sep 20 2010

77% Disapprove Of Democrat Congress

This is why you don’t want your political party to alienate the center of the country (click to enlarge): I would say it makes complete sense that the small liberal/progressive minority – 18% – are the only ones happy with DC and the Dems right now. Everyone else is fed up with them. And this […]

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Oct 16 2009

President’s & Congress’ Poll Numbers Collapsing

There is a stunner of a poll out today from Fox News (story here, poll here). It shows some very bad numbers for our young President and the Democrats in Congress. Check out this data (click to enlarge): With Republicans Obama went from an approve-disapprove differential of -34% (28/62) in early June to a -71% […]

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Nov 12 2008

Taking The Pulse Of America On Obama & The Dems

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There is a barometer for Americans to assess how well the Dems and Obama are doing – the right track/wrong track poll numbers. Since the election USA Today/Gallup checked the pulse of America and the election of Obama has not moved the needle: it is still pegged at 13% right track and 84% wrong track. […]

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Jul 08 2008

Democrats Skulking Towards Utter Failure

The Democrat led Congress has fallen to historic lows in terms of support from the American people: The percentage of voters who give Congress good or excellent ratings has fallen to single digits for the first time in Rasmussen Reports tracking history. This month, just 9% say Congress is doing a good or excellent job. […]

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