Sep 10 2007

A Modern John Kerry In Iraq Lies To America

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John Kerry is as much a hero of Vietnam as Benedict Arnold is to our War of Independence from England. The difference is Kerry tried to use smears and lies about our troops to defeat his country. Well now we have a modern John Kerry out to do the same thing – one Pvt Scott Allen Beauchamp:

Cross: In the course of my investigation, I did not interview anyone who corroborated PVT Beauchamp’s claims in “Shock Troops” that a Soldier was observed wearing skull parts recovered from a “Saddam-era dumping ground” on his head, dogs were being deliberately hit by Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and that a disfigured woman was openly mocked by Soldiers in the FOB Falcon dining facility.

Owens: What has been the reaction among the members of Beauchamp’s company to the claims he made in “Shock Troops?”

Cross: Many Soldiers were upset about how the Soldiers in the article were portrayed as callous and uncaring. These characteristics do not reflect the professionalism and integrity of the Vanguard battalion and the high standards of conduct demanded by the Dagger Brigade’s leadership.

The jerk lied through his teeth about men who would have risked their lives to save his sorry ass on the field of battle. Just like Kerry he did not care who he betrayed and what lies he had to tell against good people. He is a traitor on many levels. But more than that he represents the best the leftwing has to offer this country – which is as low as one can get. Congrats to Bob Owens on netting this interview so the people of America see what constitutes a hero on the left – verses those who sacrifice FOR others.

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  1. The typical old “Bootlicker” is back; can’t answer the refutate of the FACTS; so once again, as is typical of his traitorous Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Nutbag self, he attempts to move the “goalposts”!

    Sigh……so much a Moron, so little intellectual capacity…

    I’ve read Lembcke’s study..and guess WHAT!

    DEBUNKED, so much so, that even the Left-leaning Wikipedia has to admit, that Lembcke himself, has now BACKTRACKED, and admitted that spitting on returning Vet’s most likely DID happen!

    “Bootlicker”: READ ‘ER AND WEEP!

    So, again, “Bootlicker” himself, accuses “Owl” of being a liar, when in FACT, it IS “BOOTLICKER” who IS the LIAR!

    And just like Cobalt Shiva above, I TOO knew MANY Marine, Army Navy and Air Force Veterans from that era, who had actually been spit on, and still it burned them to retell the stories 20 years later.

    I’d trust the integrity of any single one of them, over “Bootlicker” and Lembcke anyday!

    Additionally, if you read the Wiki, the other thrust of Lembcke’s now bogus book, is that “PTSD” does not in fact exist, as a medical disorder!

    The Leftist nut is saying there is no such thing as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; he insists it was all a “plot” to discredit Anti-War Vietnam Vets, to discredit them!



    Do we need to guess which side of the ideological line Lembcke is:

    Hmmmmm…let’s see….

    American, Patriot, Citizen…or……LEFTIST TRAITOR NUTBAG?

    I’ll guess…..Hmmmmm…the SAME as “Bootlicker”!! = LEFTIST NUTBAG TRAITOR!

    Ah, I love the smell of CRRUSHED, TOASTED, Leftist in the morning…….

    Now, on to “Bootlicker’s” other obvious LIE: slandering Gen Petraeus!


    “Then was when Gen. Petraeus was the original source for incorrect information released to the U.S. media in May 2003 that mobile biological warfare trailers had been located in Iraq. False intelligence findings were indeed substituted for a 122-page DIA report suppressed by the Pentagon, reports:

    Major General David Petraeus said May 13, 2003, during a briefing from Mosul. “Our own chemical section looked at the trailer and confirmed it as a trailer that was very close to identical to the first trailer that was found by Special Forces southeast of here last week.” Petraeus said he spoke with experts May 13, and they have a “reasonable degree of certainty that this is in fact a mobile
    biological agent production trailer.”

    Of course, the trailers turned out to be used for weather balloons, and proved not to be to any degree of certainty “mobile biological agent production trailers” but sure it got Petraeus bumped up from Major General quick.

    Left by Soothsayer on September 11th, 2007”

    A complete and UTTER LIE, from beginning to end!

    But then again, we’re dealing with a mentally challenged hydrocephalic Simian in “Bootlicker”; so that’s no surprise, is it?

    MG Petraeus, was NEVER the original source for the so-called Mobile Bio Labs!

    As this article CLEARLY states, the first time the so-called “Mobile Bio labs” were discussed in public, was by none other than Colin Powell at his infamous UN Speech in Feb 2003, THREE MONTHS before “Bootlicker” attempts to slander MG Petreaus, and claim he lied about the labs, and was the “original” soruce!

    What a Moron “Bootlicker”; this is almost too easy; worse than taking candy from a punk, which is what you are!

    So, just to recapped; I’ve proved conclusively, that every “lie” you’ve outlined above, is in FACT, a LIE on your part; but then again, no one is surprised by that, except you!

    But, let’s explore the whole Mobile Biolab issue a little deeper.

    Unlike the CYA’ing CIA will have you believe, this was NOT a new topic in 2003, and MG Petraeus did NOT lie about it, nor did SecState Colin Powell!

    I have personal experience with this, so I KNOW about this issue first hand!

    The Agency responsible for this BOGUS information, was the CIA, pure and simple!

    I read the reports myself, put out by the CIA, not in 2003, but as far back as 1990!

    The CIA was all over this “threat”; they published literally hundreds of reports on it, they briefed the entire command structure, it was in ALL “threat briefings”, and it was credited to a “reliable source”, unimpeacheable in fact, and one that we were not allowed to know about!

    Just like all the WMD BS, the CIA was responsible for the entire IC and DOD and Military THINKING that Saddam/Iraq had an active WMD capability, Mobile Biolabs, a Nuke program, etc.

    And they published and verified this crap, from the mid-1980’s, all the way up to, and thru, and including the Iraq invasion in 2003.


    And only AFTER, when it appeared to NO WMD’s or Mobile Biolabs in Iraq, did the CIA begin a MAJOR CYA campaign to change history, cover their asses, and purge their files, and blame it on the President, the VP, and the SecDef!

    CIA released scores of reports during and after the Gulf War, that I saw first hand, about the so-called “Mobile Biolabs”!

    At the “facility” where I worked; we just laughed at them; we considered them bogus, and the source bogus (even though we did not know the source); for those of us who had years of ME expereince, it just made NO LOGICAL sense!

    However, the stigma of the “sexiness” of “CIA reporting” was so strong, in the upper-echelons of Government, that no one paid attention to us; the CIA won that argument every single time!

    To me, and my colleagues at the “facility” where I worked, it was obvious what they were; and it is not quite the “artillery balloon” theory now advanced as the answer.

    Artillery is too reactive, and the round travel too fast, and shallow, to worry about wind conditions, no artillery battery utilized “weather balloons”, especially the Iraqi Arty Batteries.

    No, the “Moble Labs” were used for making Hydrogen and/or Helium, for Weather Balloons, for SCUD and/or FROG and/or other type Iraqi SSM Batteries!

    Those types, are basically dumb, falling bombs, that DO travel slower, and Higher, and are affected and effected by high winds, at higher atltitudes.

    And since SCUDS, FROGS etc., have NO mid-course correction capability, and an ECR of over several kilometers, you have to be as accurate with them as possible, because once their fired, that’s it; there’s no changing the target.

    So, the prefered method, for the Soviets, and the Iraqis, and anyone else ustilizing SCUDS, was to take along these mobile SCUD weather balloon labs, blow up a few balloons, release them, track the data from the transponder on them, figure out the high-altitude winds, speed and direction, calculate that into the targeting data for the SSM’s, and then lauch them!

    That’s what the damn things were used for; that’s the correct purpose of them; not all the FALSE information the CIA fed to our Decision makers for over a decade and a half on this supposed threat, then covered their worthless, treasonous asses on, when it turned out they were not what the CIA had been telling people about for 15 years, and what we had been trying to tell them, and not “artillery weather balloons”, like the clueless MSM media now says, and they get from their CIA “leakers”: who STILL don’t know what they were actually used for!

    Did MG Petraeus “lie” NOPE; he and the SpecOps guys he mentions found some “Mobile labs” earlier, were just parroting what they had been told for YEARS by the incomptent, clueless, seditionist clowns at the CIA, who later decided to cover they sorry worthless butts, by pretending that 15 years of their OWN reporting, didn’t exist!

    That’s the REAL story!

    But you see, because he’s a LIAR, and a Leftist, Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Nutbag TRAITOR, “Booklicker” would never know any of this stuff!

    “Bootlicker”: seriously now man, you HAVE got to stop!

    This is embarrassing…..for YOU!

    EVERY…..SINGLE…..SOLITARY…TIME you post something on this site, I undress you in public, flog you like punk that you are, and display your….er….”shortcomings” to the world!

    Haven’t you had enough?

    In a battle of wits, you are unarmed man, it’s really sad, and pathetic!

    I can only assume, because you keep coming back for more public humiliation, that you are, as is typical of all Leftist Nutbags, some type of Sexual Pervert, in your case, it’s obvious, you are a Masochist!

    So, pathetically, you’ll probably come back for more…..


    I’m not a Sadist, I don’t enjoy doing this to you, I feel pity for you, I really do; but I’ll continue to do it if I have to, because you are deserving of all the contempt, ridicule, bile, and humiliation one can heap upon you, because you are a mentally unbalanced, Anti-American, Pro-Jihadi, Leftist, Treasonous Nutbag!

  2. Soothsayer says:

    How many times do you have to post it Macker, or have you just got the shakes from PTSD??

    I have a close personal friend who says George Bush is an imbecile, and you know, he might be right.

    As for Cobalt Shiva – yeah, right, I’m sure you believe first person accounts of spitting, but not first person accounts from reporters who corroborated I. Lewis Libby’s felony convictions.

    Like I’ve said before – conservatives only believe the facts they believe in, which explains why virtually 100% of believers in creationism are conservatives.

  3. AJ: PLEASE release my long post debunking this clown from the Spam filter; what a tool he is, I completely undress him in that long post!

  4. Hey “Bootlicker”, you’re not only a LIAR, but a Moron!

    Your Leftist Hero Lembcke, who I thorougly take down in my Post that AJ has caught in the Spam Filter, the whole premise of his Bogus book was that PTSD doesn’t even exist!

    What a fool you are!

    Which is it “Bootlicker”??

    You’re claiming Macker has “PTSD”; which doesn’t exist according to your hero Lembcke in his bogus book supposedly saying the spitting never happened!

    Which is it Moron?

    Did the spitting occur? If it didn’t, as you maintain, then there is also no such thing as PTSD, which is what Lembcke also says.

    If you believe in PTSD, which you act like you do above, then you’re refuting your own source, and the spitting HAD to occur!

    Which is mental midget?

    AJ: please let that message out; “Bootlicker” will involuntarily urinate down his leg when he sees how once again, I CRUSH him, once again…

    Sad, so sad…

  5. Until AJ releases my complete spanking of you Moron “Bootlicker”, read ‘er and weep!

    From a Leftist source too, the “Wiki”; Lembcke’s book about the non-existence of the Vietnam Vet spitting incidents and no PTSD not only debunked, but a Lembcke himself also admitting that they probably ocurred, and backing off his own falacious, bogus, and lying book!

    Yep, sure is “more facts” from the Leftist Nutbag Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi “liberal”!


    Post more MORON; it’s so easy to destroy you, it’s not even fair!

  6. You’re greatest weakness, aside from the facts that you are a Traitor, a Liar, a Moron, intellectually feeble minded, a Leftist, Anti-American, Pro-Jihadi, a Jacobite and a Fool, is the fact that for some ungodly reason, you suffer from Arrogance!

    Hey FOOL, I know how to work Google too, and I’ll debunk you all day long, as you continue to post your lies and nonsense!

    Once again, you post Lies, once again, I debunk you and prove you a liar, once again, you will be unable to refute what I refuted, so you’ll move the goalposts, and post some other lies, and then I’ll CRRUSSHHH! you again!


  7. Wow….”Bootlicker” has no comeback????

    I’m waiting “Bootlikcer”…..I”M WAITING……

    Just wait to AJ releases my other post, and you see how I CRUSHED your other nonsense about General Petraeus and the “Mobile Labs”!

    Know what that taste is “Bootlicker”??

    You should be used to it by now, based upon your nickname, and your peronal habits!

    That’s you tasking your own feet, and ASS!

    How’s that taste, you lying Moron?

    Taste good?

    Then again, as I said, you already know, it’s a steady part of your diet, any time you come up against me on this board!


  8. Soothsayer says:

    Ah, Dale, so severely spell-challenged AND so freakin’ stupid. So where’s this post AJ is supposed to clear that crushes the allegations about Petraeus and his lies about mobile WMD labs??

    God, would I love to monitor your blood pressure when you go into your fugue state and start your disjointed posting – its gotta be pinning the meter.

    There’s a stroke waiting with your name on — better get on the Toprol quick, seriously. Anger management problems are not healthy.

  9. Until AJ releases your Spanking on the Mobile Labs, I see you have NOTHING to say about the reaming you just received on your Debunked Leftist Nutbag Hero….Lembcke, and his equally debunked theory about no “spitting incidents”?


    No reply, oh dim witted Leftist?

    Of course, there’s nothing to say; I’ve proved you a liar once again; so all you can do is flail about, and try and make fun of my blood pressure and my obvious spelling mistakes because I type so fast, and when talking to you, really don’t care if I misspell a word or two!


    Once again, can’t answer with FACTS, spanked in public, proven to be a fraud and liar, and so, gotta change the subject…


  10. The Macker says:

    I double posted for you.

    “Like I’ve said before – conservatives only believe the facts they believe in” – er whatever.

    So, you only believe reports if they are witnessed by a reporter? Like the cowardly spitter would wait for a photographer to catch him in the act?

  11. C’mon Bootlicker; you put up Lembcke’s BS, as PROOF that “Owl” was a “liar”; I just CRUSHED you on it; why no defense of your discredited Leftist Hero Lembcke now?

    I’m waiting……

  12. Macker: no worries, read the Wiik article I just referred too; Lembcke has been discredited, by me, and Lembcke himself has admitted his boot was basically falacious!

    Bootlicker has no response, so as usual, he’ll try to find something else…..

    Hahahahaahahahahah….what a Moron!

  13. This is too delicious, I just can’t wait for AJ to release the post, but just because it’s SOOOOO easy to prove you a liar and a fraud; you slandered Gen Petraeus, and said he was the original source that leaded the Mobile Biolabs info!

    You quote a May 2003 article, where Gen Petraeus discussed some Mobile labs, as PROOF of your falacious allegations.

    As the Lefist Wiki article makes ABUNDANTLY clear, SecState Colin Powell, in his Feb 2003 speech to the UN, was the FIRST source to publically confirm the presence of the so-called “Mobile Biolabs” in the Iraqi arsenal!

    So, once again, your original premise, that Gen Petraeus was the ORIGINAL source for such reporting is and of itself, a complete and UTTER LIE!

    You’ll just have to wait for AJ to release the rest, but I can only add one more thing:


    BUSTED, as a Liar, fraud, and Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist Nutbag that you are!


    Candy from a kid…..candy from a kid……

  14. Soothsayer says:

    If you think what you posted debunks anything — you’re more pathetic than I imagined.

    Lembke does not “admit his boot [sic] was basically falacious[sic]” ya idiot.

    Oh, and where’s this great big debunking of Petraeus’ WMD mobile lab lies?

    Are you actually able to hold down a job??

  15. Just for the record, here is where you make the completely bogus assertion:

    “Speaking of liars in the military . . . let me introduce you to Gen. David Petraeus. He lied to us then and he’s lying to us now:

    When was then?

    Then was when Gen. Petraeus was the original source for incorrect information released to the U.S. media in May 2003 that mobile biological warfare trailers had been located in Iraq.”

    And, as this article makes CLEAR, even to numbskulls like you:

    Colin Powell, 3 months BEFORE Petraeus ever said anything about Mobile Biolabs, revealed their supposed existence to the world!



    Once again…..

  16. What a FOOL; I even give you the evidence, and you’re still to intellecutally challenged to absorb it!

    From the “Wiki”

    “Yet the recently uncovered evidence of contemporaneous accounts of spitting have forced Lembke to retreat from his more extreme prior claims, such as: “The truth is that nobody spat on Vietnam veterans.” [5] Now Lembke appears to acknowledge that there likely were some incidents of actual spitting.”

    Sigh….a FALACIOUS, LYING Book, and Lemcke admits it!

    Pretty clear to me!

    Any chance you can rebut that MORON?

    I didn’t think so!

  17. I’m waiting Moron?

    Any more lies to post?

    It will be SOOO easy to debunk them, as I have done with everything else you’ve posted?

    Where’s your FACTS backing up your Iraq casualty nonsense?


    Where’s your additional FACTS backing up your assertions about the Traitor John Kerry?


    Thought so!

    Any more evidence that PTSD doesn’t exist like your Leftist Hero Lembcke asserts?

    It’s all a rightwing conspiracy to discredit poor Anti-Vietnam War Vets….yeah….that’s it…..!


    Any more “evidence” “Bootlicker”, that the Spitting incidents DIDN’T occur???

    Now that Lembcke ADMITS they occurred!


    Any more “evidence” “Bootlicker”, that Gen Petraeus was the FIRST person to leak to the media about the “Mobile Biolabs”, when Powell did it THREE MONTHS before Petraeu was even IN Iraq?


    What did Petraus do, “Bootlikcer”, use a TIMEMACHINE??

    Yeah, that’s it, that’s what happened!


    What a deluded, DEBUNKED, CRUSHED, FOOL!

  18. Sigh…….


  19. Bootlicker: sorry, gotta run, this is almost too much fun to give up right now; I gotta go play racquetball; I’ll be back in 2 hours to embarrass you some more…please don’t go away, I’m loving this…

  20. Dc says:

    And I won’t mention Tenet (according to Soothie told Bush there were no WMD in IRaq), was sitting behind Powell at the UNSC when Powell spoke about the bio lab mobile trucks (among many other WMD, etc. related issues) backing him up.

    Also, It has been a common mistake for people researching to use WESTLAW and LEXIS/NEXIS as a source to search for full text of archived news articles to conclude that whatever issue they are looking for apparently started in the 1980s. The reason for that would be that those databases only go back to the 80s. duh. But, it happens all the time.

    He also made some really obvious errors, like claiming no military debarkations were in Sanfran airport during Vietnam…or that people would not have had access to soliders returning to get close enough to them. Many of them came home on “civlliian” craft —which at the time public were allowed down on tarmac to greet those arriving. They were in fact close enough that there were confrontations on occasion between those returning and the protesters…of the physical kind.