Sep 10 2007

A Modern John Kerry In Iraq Lies To America

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John Kerry is as much a hero of Vietnam as Benedict Arnold is to our War of Independence from England. The difference is Kerry tried to use smears and lies about our troops to defeat his country. Well now we have a modern John Kerry out to do the same thing – one Pvt Scott Allen Beauchamp:

Cross: In the course of my investigation, I did not interview anyone who corroborated PVT Beauchamp’s claims in “Shock Troops” that a Soldier was observed wearing skull parts recovered from a “Saddam-era dumping ground” on his head, dogs were being deliberately hit by Bradley Fighting Vehicles, and that a disfigured woman was openly mocked by Soldiers in the FOB Falcon dining facility.

Owens: What has been the reaction among the members of Beauchamp’s company to the claims he made in “Shock Troops?”

Cross: Many Soldiers were upset about how the Soldiers in the article were portrayed as callous and uncaring. These characteristics do not reflect the professionalism and integrity of the Vanguard battalion and the high standards of conduct demanded by the Dagger Brigade’s leadership.

The jerk lied through his teeth about men who would have risked their lives to save his sorry ass on the field of battle. Just like Kerry he did not care who he betrayed and what lies he had to tell against good people. He is a traitor on many levels. But more than that he represents the best the leftwing has to offer this country – which is as low as one can get. Congrats to Bob Owens on netting this interview so the people of America see what constitutes a hero on the left – verses those who sacrifice FOR others.

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  1. Dc says:

    I would also add, since you are bringing up SBVT, that Lembcke was a member of the the same anti-war group Kerry teamed up with (VVAW) who might have had a vested poltical, and otherwise, interest/motivation for what he writes in this particular area. Their self-produced publication “Winter Soldier”, (which Kerry tried to bury when he aspired to political office), is still available online as a PDF. It’s a series of stories, personal stories of attrocities they committed in viet nam. The stories were later used by Kerry as the basis for his testimony to congress. Most of it was pure fabrication intended for impact. The fact that Kerry, a decorated veteran, delivered it gave it more weight. Later, the stories were debunked and exposed as frauds (along with the people behind them) and Kerry, after sort of usurping the leadership of org and gaining an audience and notariety, moved on to bigger and better things (ie..politics).

    VVAW members Elton Mazione, John Laboon, Eddie Swetz and Kenneth Van Lesser all claimed to have been a part of the Phoenix program in Viet Nam where they routinely killed children and removed body parts as a part of their duty. They were shown to have never been in the Phoenix program nor had they ever been in Vietnam. They mostly had very vivid imaginations.

    One of the founding members of Vietnam Vets Against the War who claimed to have been a combat pilot wounded in vietnam…was also found to have not been any of the above. Of course, some, like Kerry, actually “were” in the service and although that service experience had no bearing on the claimed “attrocities”, he used his service record mainly to add weight and validity to their stories.

    You notice when Kerry ran for president, he didn’t run as the anti-war, medal throwing, etc., John Kerry. Nor does he ever allude to his service and medals as being a war attrocity. He switch hits on that, depending on what he wants to talk about. But, all you have to do is give the guy a mic and let him talk…and it will just come bubbling out. (like when he basically called anybody who was serving in Iraq …stupid…without even knowing he had done it).

    BTW, I’m a member of the SBVT.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Gee, copperhead, no challenge from you regarding the Purple Heart?

    As for the rest, how come those officers signed off on Kerry’s applications for those medals?

  3. Let’s have a round of applause please for: Lurker, DC, Macker, Colbalt Shiva, Bruhaha, Terrye, Cali_Sun, Ivehadit, Owl , AJ, and myself, for absolutely CRUSHING this little Leftist Moron, on every single lie he has posted on this thread, and the previous….oh, last 20 or so!

    Clearly a masochistic nutcase; no one that is that consistently wrong, and publically humiliated, would keep coming back more, unless there’s something seriously mentally wrong with him!

  4. Lurker: it’s a good question you raise, and a similar conversation I’ve had with many of Leftist nutbags in my office, who over the past 4 years, have tried to defend Kerry at every turn, only to be treated like a dishrag by me, and thrown away dirty and used!

    The bottomline is this; the US Military is a reflection of the society form which it comes; and in this case, that is American Society.

    It is made up of Americans; no better, no worse; flawed, but with varying degrees of honor and integrity instilled.

    There are great people in the Military, there are Bad people in the Military, and there are average people in the Military, just like society, and mankind itself.

    Now, Leftist idiots like Bootlicker, and Hollywood, etc., would have you believe that all Military men are mindlessly saluting, homicidal, egotistical glory-seeking baby-killers; that’s the myth they’ve taken great care to cultivate over the past 40 years in film, TV, etc.

    Funny though, like Terrye pointed out; they only want to impugn the honor of the Military, except they go batshit when you/we impugn the honor of the Leftist nutbags who impugn the honor of the Military!

    So, that said, there are people, frankly, much more than you can realize, though I have to say, with the advent of computers and databases and centralized Administration over the past 10 years, it’s getting MUCH harder, but in the past, especially in Kerry’s time, it was STUNNINGLY easy to fake medals, with only one or two “bad eggs” helping you out!

    The miracle is not that it happened, but that it has not happened more!

    I’ll relate some stories I KNOW to be FACTS, just from my time in:

    a) 2nd Lt Admin Officer, wanted a Navy Achievement Medal; he made a deal with his Admin Clerk (because it took two people to approve it!); I’ll enter one into the system for you, you do one for me! Bingo, done! The only reason they got caught, months later; is someone got suspicious at a Dress Blues occasion, that such a young 2nd Lt would even have one; so someone started checking; Sgt broke down and confessed, bam, they’re caught!

    b) a Marine AAV sunk off the coast of Camp Lejeune; one Marine was trapped inside, others got out. A brave Marine Sgt, dove in, and at risk to himself, pulled the drowning Marine out.

    A Lt and a Warrant Office were standing on the beach, when the Sgt rescued the Marine, they went up to the Sgt, said “Good job”, you can leave; took over the scene, performed CPR, the big guys show up, the Lt and WO say they rescued the Marine, they both get Navy & Marine Corps Medals; which is the Peacetime Equivalent of the MOH!

    The Sgt found out later, and was pissed, and told the CofC, but nobody by then, wanted to admit they made a mistake; so the got away with it.

    c) Army Chaplain, Ft. Benning; SCADS of Medals, Silver Star, Purple Hearts, etc.; counselling Vietnam Vets for years; finally in a session, someone asked him a question, and he gave the “wrong” answer; they went and checked; he never was in Vietnam, never earned a single Medal for Valor! He said he needed them, to “bond” with the Vets!

    d) Army Administrative Office; comes up for promotion to Brigadier General from Colonel. The General list is different than all the ranks; it has to be approved by the Service Secretary, and submitted to the President.

    Someone there, checking the list, notices this Army Admin Col’s name, and says …Hmmmmm, I don’t even remember him being a Colonel!

    Guy had “managed” his ENTIRE career, from the time he first came in 20 years before, as a 2nd Lt!

    He wrote ALL his own evaluations; he PROMOTED himself at the correct interval, to EVERY SINGLE RANK up to and including nominating himself for BG!

    He awarded himself all his own medals!

    He may NEVER have been caught if he hadn’t gotten greedy, and tried to make himself a General!

    e) Navy Capt I knew, while serving in the Med; guy was supposed to be a “legend” in the Navy, supposed to have been a SEAL in Vietnam; had Purple Hearts, Silver Stars, talked a tough game.

    I was a Marine Capt, I thought he was a Moron, and a fraud, for some reason; I was told by my peers, that I was biting off more than I could chew, and to back off, or I’d get crushed!

    We had a “run-in” over something, some Intel thing; I was right, he was wrong, I won the argument on technicality, I got crushed by the Chain of Command, because he outranked me!

    Months later, my CO calls me, and sets me down. Says “Dale”, just wanted to let you know, they found “Capt ‘D” dead in the basement of his condo in N. VA yesterday; he had sucked down the barrel of a Glock!


    He WAS in Vietnam, NEVER left the compounds in Saigon! Was a boot NON-SEAL Navy Ltjg!

    Never earned any Silver Star, never earned any Purple Hearts, NEVER served with the SEALS! at all!

    He was up for Promotion for Admiral; somone at CNO saw his name, and list of Medals, and they knew him from ‘NAM and said “Wait, I knew that bastard, he never got a Silver Star…”; investigation, he couldn’t handle the shame, sucked down a Glock; his wife and kid were upstairs in the house when he did it!

    e) I knew a Marine LtCol, involved in the evac from Somalia that happened the same time as the Gulf War; he wanted to get promoted quicker than his peers, when to his XO, said “Write me up for DFC, I’ll write you up for something”; back scrathed back, end of story; people knew what they did, no one did anything.

    f) One of my first Colonels in the Corps; had his own Medals, but compared to some of the older Officers we knew, not that many. He was talking to us one day, and my fellow Lt. was acting brave, and said “Sir, we heard you did all this secret crazy stuff in ‘Nam, I thought you’d have more medals than that!”

    I froze, thinking “holy crap, you are a dead man”; the Col just looked at him, and in hindsight, he said something that turned out to be soooo correct; he said “Kyle, I never F*&@’ed Up!” All those idiots with all the big medals, 99% of the time, they F*&^#’ed BIG TIME, and got their troops and/or themselves killed or wounded!”

    I never did that! Turns out, he was pretty darn accurate!

    g) New another Marine Colonel, a “hero” of Hue City; I was asking him about various Big Medal winners there; he says matter of factly, and he had MANY big Medals, Books have been written about him; he has a Navy Cross, several Silver Stars, Bronze Stars, 3 Purple Hearts; he said “Dale, I saw so many Fake Medals come out of Hue City, you could sink a Battleship with them; people just get greedy, and they want it for career purposes, and they get on friend to hook them up, and that’s all it takes; it’s sad, it’s wrong, it defames the service, but people get so focused on their career, and getting promoted, that it just happens!”

    h) you want to know more about Fake Medals; read this story on LBJ’s “Silver Star”!

    MacArthur gave it to him, for serving during WWII; he NEVER earned it; it was for “poltical points”! Something that MacArthur was famous for!

    i) speaking of MacArthur, I have no doubt he was a brave man, and one of our best Generals; he was also a seriously flawed man, and lacked integrity.

    He should’ve never been given a MOH for fleeing Corregidor; but that again, was “poltical points”; FDR to him; a supposed “morale booster” for the troops; except those left behind to die and starve on Corregidor and Baatan!

    MacArthur came back from WWI with SIX Silver Stars! SIX!

    How did that happen?

    After he felt he did something “brave” in a battle over in France; he’d write home to his MOTHER about it!

    She’d go down to the War Department, and pound on the Sec of War’s desk: “I want my son to get a Silver Star”!

    BINGO; they’d give him one!

    He came home with SIX!

    His father was a Medal of Honor recipient from the Civil War, and the War Department knew his Dad, and they were scared of his mother, it’s that simple!

    So, Lurker, that’s how John Kerry happened; I’m sorry to say it was out there.

    Go to the “Wiki”, and read the history of the Medal of Honor; they used to GIVE those away, heck, they gave them to two whole units just for REENLISTING during the Civil War.

    It was only decades later, that they tightened up the requirements, and went back and rescinded some of those.

    Heck, I know of an Air Force person, got a Bronze Star during the Gulf War, NEVER LEFT THE UNITED STATES!

    He twisted his ankle loading equipment pallets on C-5A’s; his “superior” was so impressed he “gutted” it out; he nominated him for a Brozne Star (without a “V” device for Valor, but still a damn Bronze Star!), and he got it approved!

    During Kosovo, the Air Force came down, and basically said, Distinguished Flying Cross or Silver Star if you fly half a dozen successful missions; your choice!

    It was insane!

    I can honestly same, that out of all the services, the Corps abuses the Medals the Least; and everyone knows it, the statistics back it up.

    And during the Gulf War, over in Iraq/Saudi, though Bronze Stars were given away to senior Officers in theater like candy, the Military went out of it’s way to protect the integrity of the Silver Star, Navy Cross, and of course the MOH.

    That’s been true of the Iraq/Afghan campaigns as well.

    They still sometimes just hand stuff out to senior officers; and I know of one case of a Navy Officer who got a high medal, without ever leaving the bridge of his ship, he got it because he requested it; but in general, the services have done a great job of protecting the Valor Medals there.

    That Lurker, is how coniving, duplicitous, weasel little traitors like Kerry “gamed” the “system” to get his Purple Hearts, and his so-called “Valor” Medals.

    Me, I wonder how the piece of crap puts his head down on a pillow at night, or looks in a mirror.

    But then again, he’s a Leftist Nutbag like “Boolicker”, so it should come as no surprise!

  5. AJ: darnit, you have two Megaposts of mine in the Filter, could you please release them?


  6. lurker9876 says:

    Thank you! Looking forward to those two megaposts from Dale.

  7. Thanks AJ!

    Lurker, AJ released them, but you have to scroll back up thru the thread to find them; I think the length will give them away!

    “Bootlicker”, consider yourself Officially CRUSHED!

  8. AJStrata says:

    Sorry Dale,
    Busy all day yesterday.

  9. Soothsayer says:

    Dale, you’re simply an idiot:

    I said that Petraeus was the source for misleading information released in May of 2003, imbecile. I did not reference Powell’s earlier lies.

    With respect to the “mobile weapons labs” in Petraeus’ statement on May 13, 2003; Petraeus says clearly that the labs were found “last week” – and therefore they cannot have been the mobile weapons labs that Powell lied about to the UN in February of 2003.

    We’re talking about apples and oranges, and you can’t freakin’ tell the difference between the two.

    So you have crushed nothing except your own credibility. Learn to read.

  10. Cobalt Shiva says:

    As for Cobalt Shiva – yeah, right, I’m sure you believe first person accounts of spitting, but not first person accounts from reporters who corroborated I. Lewis Libby’s felony convictions.

    Absolutely, I give far more credence to what my brother Marines say than what a journalist says. That’s because I’ve never had a Marine lie to me about anything critical to my health, welfare, or liberty, and I’ve had two experiences with journalists lying to me that gave me reason to believe that my physical safety, well-being, or liberty would be at risk.

  11. Sigh……

    Ah, Bootlicker; you truly are a MORON!

    And YES, you’ve been CRUSHED, every single time!

    Please note every one, he no longer is trying to talk about: Casualties in Iraq, Lembcke and his self-discredited study, John Kerry’s “honorable service”, etc., etc.

    Now, he’s trying to pull a Bill Clinton, and split hairs and dissemble what he originally said, when I have CONCLUSIVELY proven what he said was a lie; in order to attempt to safe any remaining shred of his devastated dignity and psyche!

    But let’s review, ONE MORE TIME, just for the MORON, because he enjoys the taste of his own ass!

    Bootlicker’s original quote:

    “Then was when Gen. Petraeus was the original source for incorrect information released to the U.S. media in May 2003 that mobile biological warfare trailers had been located in Iraq. ”

    Does ANYONE see ANY “caveat” in this sentance, that indicates that Bootlicker is saying that Gen Petraeus was the original source for incorrect information released to the US Media ONLY in May 2003, and ONLY by Gen Petraeus, and NOT TO INCLUDE any PREVIOUS mention of BIOLABS by ANY other person?

    Because in order to say his dignity, the MORON is saying that despite the syntax and grammatical structure of his “sentence”, that is what he REALLY means!

    Boo Hoo!

    I weelly weelly weelly meant it that way, and so I’m taking it back and so I can say it again, BOO HOO!

    NO WAY MORON; you didn’t say that, and you didn’t mean that, because you didn’t KNOW ANY BETTER!

    Your original statement STANDS, AS IS, and you’re a LIAR, and I PROVED IT!

    “With respect to the “mobile weapons labs” in Petraeus’ statement on May 13, 2003; Petraeus says clearly that the labs were found “last week” – and therefore they cannot have been the mobile weapons labs that Powell lied about to the UN in February of 2003.”


    This is “precious” MORON!

    What a pathetic Clintonian immitator you are!


    Why CAN’T they be the Biolabs that Powell made reference too?




    No one, any where, ever said the Iraqis had more than a handful of the “Biolabs”, no matter what they ultimately were found out to be!



    NO! You don’t, and you, and no one else can EVER say, the the same ones, or were NOT the SAME ones!

    You just LIED AGAIN, to cover your pathetic, MORONIC ass!

    What a TOOL!

    Pathetic I might add!

    “Found last week”; yes MORON, found “last week” by the troops currently in Iraq at that time!


    Can you TRULY be that idiotic?


    CAN YOU?

    “I said that Petraeus was the source for misleading information released in May of 2003…”



    And besides, even IF you did, it wouldn’t make sense!

    Powell clearly discussed them, in the open, in public, in Feb 2003, and you CAN’T make that go away! MORON!

    Additionally, info about the so-called “Biolabs” had been leaked to the Media during the Gulf War, and during the 90’s during Clinton’s Administration, when they were building Saddam as a WMD threat!

    So Petraeus, was ONLY informing the Media in May of 2003, that his troops found some of the Biolabs, and that the week prior, Spec OPS forces had also found “Biolabs”, and he was informing the media of those two discoveries; HE LIED ABOUT NOTHING!

    The “Biolabs” were found; that’s plain and simple!

    The whole controversy about WHAT they were, and HOW they were used, CAME LATER MORON!

    After the scientific experts from the CIA and the ISG tore them apart, and when scientific debate started to rage in the IC, as to what they were, and how they were really used!

    And by the way, despite the fact that I personally believe they were used for the SCUD launches as weather balloons, I’ve read some good articles out there by actual scientists, who STILL claim they are/were Biolabs!

    I don’t personally agree, but they certainly have MORE expertise than YOU idiot, and though I don’t agree with them, they would be more correct, than you, anytime, FOOL!

    So once AGAIN, YOU LIED!

    I exposed your LIE, and you’re covering your pathetic behind!




  12. Dc says:

    Gawd Soothie….pitiful.