Dec 22 2006

No More Terrorist Watch List

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Thanks to some privacy groups who more concerned with our government knowing anything about them – as opposed to knowing enough about people travelling here to protect us from attack – it appears the terrorist watch list has been removed from our national defenses:

A counter-terrorism measure by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration violated the 1974 Privacy Act, The Washington Post reported.

Secure Flight, the program to screen domestic air passengers for names on terrorism watch lists violated the law by not notifying the public of its measures, according to a report released Friday by the Department of Homeland Security.

TSA also reportedly improperly stored more than 100 million records after saying that their data would not be mixed with commercial data and that no such storage would happen.

The U.S. Congress has halted secure Flight and officials at TSA are promising to work in a more “transparent” way while planning to re-implement the program in 2008, the newspaper reported.

And now not only are we not screening passengers to see if they are known terrorists – we have the Washington Post announcing the news to the world, and the terrorists. There is a saying that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you have to. For example, anyone is capable of picking their nose in the middle of a busy highway at night, it is not advised to do so. One has to wonder at the thought processes (or lack of them) which went into this entire debacle. And now we have completely opened up air transportation inside this country to anyone with a credit card and a desire to fly.

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  1. Gotta Know says:

    Good Doctor, you may be onto something. People who live in caves have nothing but time on their hands.

    Allah akbar, Ken?

  2. Terrye says:

    If aterrorist turns up on a plane and it turns out he got on there because his name could not be released, well there will be hell to pay.

    No one wants the government to do more than it has to, but I remember after 9/11 the question people asked the most, was how could they get away with this? How could that many terrorists get on that many planes in one day? People expect their government to protect them, it has nothing to do with being the world police. The truth is if any of these people were trying to get on a plane in Great Britain they would have to answer these kinds of questions.

  3. erp says:

    To our troll brothers, there was an interesting discussion at the VC recently (sorry no link) on the effectiveness of sarcasm as a rhetorical device. Pretty much everyone agreed that used with a light touch, it can make a point, used with a heavy hand, it falls flat, so if the shoe fits ….

  4. pagar says:

    “home with serious problems-like in Vietnam?”
    Exactly right- We came home to serious problems. Leftists who would stab veterans in the back for defending America. Leftists who went to Paris, met with the enemies of America, adopted their positions and promoted them in America. American leftists, who were controlled by the North Vietnam government and the American Communist Party.
    Today, coming home from Iraq, America soldiers are faced with American leftists doing everything they can to destroy America at the direction of the terrorists of the world. It certainly is a serious problem.
    One that won’t be cured until America finds the backbone necessary to
    enforce Art III, Sec III of the US Constitution.

  5. Ken says:

    Yeah Pagar, the Domino Theory really was verified in the Vietnam debacle. We’re all living in a one-world Communist Tyranny now.

  6. Ken says:

    And Pagar-how about Congress showing some backbone and
    voting to declare war if they wish it, as the Constitition provides?

    Better yet, when the president offers false intelligence to justify a war why doesn’t the Congress do a little investigating of that intelligence
    before they allow an attack on an innocent country?

  7. Retired Spook says:

    I think Ken is probably Mohamed sitting in a cave with an arabic- english dictionary.

    I think you may be right, Doc, he lost me with “concomitant accourtement”. Well, actually, “concomitant” I understand, but I can’t find “accourtement” in any of my dictionaries. I swore I would never respond to Ken again, but trying to make sense out of most of his posts is more entertaining than doing the crossword puzzles in the newspaper. Truth be known, regardless of whether or not he resides in a cave, he’s just a pathetic, little man who fancies himself possessing an intellect far in excess of what God actually gave him.

  8. the good doctor says:

    Agree Spook. Those words coul also be signs of grandiose psychosis.

  9. Barbara says:

    Good Doctor and Retired Spook

    Ken probably meant concomitant accourterments or accompaning soldiers equipment. He left off the “r” which could have gone after or before the first “e”. Ken consults the dictionary on a daily basis and uses words not likely to be used in conversation or anything else other than textbooks. I took four years of Latin and thought that I could recognize any word on this basis, but Ken has stumped me several times. I think he reads the dictionary like it was a novel and enjoys using these words to puff up his intellect. Too bad he failed.

  10. Retired Spook says:

    Barbara, I think you’ve nailed it except “accouterments” only has one “r”. It can also be spelled “accoutrements”. In any event, Ken was, as FE is so fond of saying, “wrong again”, heh. I suspect what Ken needs, more than anything, is a good woman in his life. I know several women who really dig French guys, especially French, Muslim guys.

  11. erp says:

    Ken, channel the 20 million or so dominos who were slaughtered after the left forced us the leave Vietnam to our everlasting shame and get their thoughts on the domino theory. The msm hasn’t touted it much, but Vietnam has gone all capitalist and is on the verge of becoming the next Asian economic powerhouse. Perhaps even the next Asian country to join Japan & India as part of the Anglosphere. Good thing for them we don’t hold a grudge, eh?

    With even Daniel Ortega seeing the error of his Communist ways and converting to an anti-abortionist Catholic and Sweden turning down welfare on demand because too many Swedes are going from cradle to grave without working a day in their lives, and Fidel Castro’s rotting corpse being picked over by his “lieutenants” ala Arafat before his death can be officially announced, lots of other examples, but I think you get the drift, there are so few leftwing icons left.

    BTW – there’s a huge a difference between how vets returning from fighting in Vietnam and fighting the WoT are received by We, the People. The military are cheered wherever they are. I’ve seen tired, listless people sitting in airports rise up as one to cheer soldiers coming off flights. Young and old cheering and whistling and thanking these brave soldiers for protecting us and keeping us safe.

    They’re protecting you too Ken because that’s our way. Freedom and justice for all. You’re free to be you, Ken, and I hope the justice part is just around the corner.

  12. For Enforcement says:

    Spook, did you notice, Ken finally admitted that Congress should declare war if they wish it instead of, as he has been maintaining, that they ‘Must’
    his quote:
    ” And Pagar-how about Congress showing some backbone and
    voting to declare war if they wish it, as the Constitition provides?

    Actually he still didn’t get it quite right, as the constitution requires, but at least he’s closer.

    And Barbara and Spook, Ken’s problem with spelling is most likely having English as a second language and having to translate back and forth into French is probably a little confusing to him. If you’ve noticed, I’ve shown some of his misspelled words as being the French spelling vs English. That, and the fact that he comprehends on about a 3rd grade level and tries to write like a grown up and uses big words that he finds in the dictionary.
    Oh, he’s a piece of work. As Spook said, he’s entertaining just trying to figure him out. His other habit of course is to call people names because he never successfully attacks their message, so he just attacks the messenger. He does use untruths fairly frequently, trying to keeps those straight is almost full time.

  13. Ken says:


    You gave the wrong definition of the domino theory which predicted
    all Southeast Asia would become commie under a monolithic
    structure-instead they fell to warring agaisnt each other,mirroring the Sino-Soviet split which the theorists claimed would heal enabling the two to work in concert toward an international Communist government which would ultimately conquer America if we did not win in Vietnam.

    Exactly paralleled by Strata’s fearmongering about al Qaeda
    effecting an international caliphate if America doesn’t continue to
    war with Islam in their native regions.

    Your victims were cause largely by America setting off the powderkeg in the first place.

  14. erp says:

    Ken, I 0ffered no definition of the domino theory.

  15. Ken says:

    “Ken, channel the 20 million or so dominos who were slaughtered after …”

    Yes you did, you’re just not skilled enough in debate or logic to realize it.

  16. Ken says:

    Erp- you never heard of Iraq Vets Against the War, or Vets Against
    The Iraq War? Very popular with troops and can be googled
    and contacted,along with several other like groups.

  17. Ken says:

    For Enforcement

    You misspelled a word as “commendable” while lecturing Gil on his supposed defecient language skills. If you weren’t senile, you’d be the biggest hypocrite on the site- and most inane.

  18. Barbara says:

    I found it really hilarious when Ken said congress must declare war and the states had to ratify that declaration. I corrected him at that time. That alone shows he is either not an American or a remarkably dumb one.

    I think Ken has a new toy. A thesaurus. He enjoys playing with it on a daily basis just to access big words no one ever uses to make us think his intellect is high. Too bad the content of his posts are so stupid and defeats his purpose.

  19. For Enforcement says:

    Ken, it was comprehendable that I made the typo on. Geez now your memory is going also.

    From that same post:
    defecient, I suppose that’s French for deficient. Sounds like a version of Crap.

    Bikerken, don’t you just hate it when Ken chews through his leather straps and starts foaming at the mouth? And now he’s done it with a French Muslim/English thesaurus. Oh well, here comes the onslaught.

  20. Ken says:

    “I found it really hilarious when Ken said congress must declare war and the states had to ratify that declaration. I corrected him at that time. That alone shows he is either not an American or a remarkably dumb one.”

    No dear, I corrected you when you misinterpreted the states
    ratification part and you need correcting again.