Dec 22 2006

No More Terrorist Watch List

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Thanks to some privacy groups who more concerned with our government knowing anything about them – as opposed to knowing enough about people travelling here to protect us from attack – it appears the terrorist watch list has been removed from our national defenses:

A counter-terrorism measure by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration violated the 1974 Privacy Act, The Washington Post reported.

Secure Flight, the program to screen domestic air passengers for names on terrorism watch lists violated the law by not notifying the public of its measures, according to a report released Friday by the Department of Homeland Security.

TSA also reportedly improperly stored more than 100 million records after saying that their data would not be mixed with commercial data and that no such storage would happen.

The U.S. Congress has halted secure Flight and officials at TSA are promising to work in a more “transparent” way while planning to re-implement the program in 2008, the newspaper reported.

And now not only are we not screening passengers to see if they are known terrorists – we have the Washington Post announcing the news to the world, and the terrorists. There is a saying that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you have to. For example, anyone is capable of picking their nose in the middle of a busy highway at night, it is not advised to do so. One has to wonder at the thought processes (or lack of them) which went into this entire debacle. And now we have completely opened up air transportation inside this country to anyone with a credit card and a desire to fly.

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  1. Privacy Groups Get Terrorist Watch List Nixed…

    I’m sure it won’t be long before the ACLU applauds this.
    AJ Strata tells us:
    Thanks to some privacy groups who more concerned with our government knowing anything about them – as opposed to knowing enough about people travelling here t…

  2. crosspatch says:

    Easy way to fix this:

    Strip search everyone, make everybody show up much earlier and slow down security checkpoints. Then make “express” checkpoints for people who voluntarily give background information. That way the government doesn’t “collect” anything, they are given the information willingly and the default is to simply treat every passenger as if they are a potential terrorist.

  3. crosspatch says:

    This is just sick, in a second part of the Zawahiri tape released today, he sends negotiations instructions to the Democrats and says the Democrats weren’t the winners in the elections, that al Qaida is.

    I have to wonder when Pelosi is going to travel for a photo op with Zawahiri.

  4. Barbara says:


    If that was done there would be vastly fewer flyers and the airlines would go bankrupt. I wonder how far the country will let this PC madness go. It seems everytime something is done to protect us someone objects and stops it. It makes you wonder what their agenda is. Only those with something to hide worry about privacy in times like these. Do you suppose one of the objecters in this is CAIR?
    It wouldn’t surprise me. So-called privacy takes a back seat in these times. I call it so-called privacy because there is no such animal as privacy.

  5. For Enforcement says:

    It was probably the “traveling imams” that caused this. That and the election of Dems to control our security..
    I’d be surprised if Sandy Burglar hadn’t already taken the list and hid it under a Construction trailer.
    The Dems objectives seem to be that you will have your privacy AND you’ll be dead. Just my way of thinking but privacy won’t help me much after I’m dead.
    Some warped thinking people will see all this as a good thing. Especially the ACLU, the most Anti-American organization in the world.

  6. kathie says:

    The Dem win and nostalgia for the 90’s is what is driving this. If Bill Clinton could ignore terror threats, and nothing much happened, we can surely pretend we are back in the 90’s.

  7. Ken says:

    Strata prefers a WORLD POLICEMAN GOVERNMENT and
    its concomitant accourtement, a police state at home.

  8. kathie says:

    Ken your interpretation of events, policy and ideas is so UNBELIEVABLY STUPID. PLEASE SPARE US!

  9. Ken says:


    The majority evidently does not wish to be subjects.

  10. Gotta Know says:

    Crosspatch, Barbara,

    I couldn’t agree more, this PC society has sickened and corrupted us. I hope and pray that we’ll avert another major attack but I’m afraid a return to normalcy will require a second dose.

    Ken: You are a tool. May I suggest Glenn Greenwald, they’ll listen to you there.

  11. The Macker says:

    We are fighting two enemies : the enemy without and the enemy within. They work in tandem.

  12. Gotta Know says:

    BTW Ken,

    May I give you some advice? When you want to do some trolling on conservative blogs, I suggest you be polite, reasonable, and rational, otherwise you will be dismissed out of hand. When I troll the leftist blogs I am always exceedingly polite, otherwise I know I am wasting my time.

    Since you are an uncivil brute, believe me: You’re wasting your time here. Try another conservative blog where you’re not known, and again, civility helps.

  13. Ken says:

    IMy methodology is working fine here. Of course, the continuing
    bloody debacle of the losing no-win Iraq War girds the smooth sail.

  14. erp says:

    Ms Pelosi has said no to C-SPAN opting out of transparency in the house, while her chums are giving terrorists cover at airports. Anything wrong with this picture?

  15. the good doctor says:

    I think Ken is probably Mohamed sitting in a cave with an arabic- english dictionary.

  16. crosspatch says:

    Ken is correct, his methodology does work as long as people continue to address and talk about him. He does this mainly for the attention.

  17. the good doctor says:

    I still think he in some cave or works for the dnc.

  18. Ken says:

    Who do you work for? The plutocrat GOP which betrays working/middle class people with the free trade ripoffs?
    And your dear leader has done such a fine job in stanching
    the Mexican invasion-his kind loves that cheap labor.

  19. the good doctor says:

    Or maybe an illegal imigrant with an english spanish dictionary… a tunnel at the border. Crosspatch what do you think?

  20. Ken says:

    Parody is ineffectual against the somber and foreboding atmosphere descended on America driven by the losing Iraq War war you all still support. Good doctor, are you in the behavior ncihe of medicine?
    An alarmingly high percentage of the troops are coming home with serious problems-like in Vietnam? Perhaps you can profit?