Oct 24 2006

Dems Bash Candidate For Risking Life On Battlefield

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The liberal democrats who are the core of the Democrat party are truly a strange breed. How else does one respond to a press release which claims a Republican candidate’s service on the battle fields of Iraq is not serving is constituents or his nation?

Arizona Republican State Representative Jonathan Paton was deployed with his Army Reserve Intelligence Unit to Iraq a few weeks ago. And the local Democrat Party is using that AGAINST him, fretting that Paton might miss part of the 2007 legislative session because of his service to the nation.

“Paton has been absent for most of the campaign due to his recent voluntary Army Reserve service in Iraq and he has missed all candidate debates/forums for the General Election,” complained Pima County Democrat Party Chairwoman Donna Branch-Gilby in a press release on Friday.

“Southern Arizona needs a State Representative who can guarantee that he will show up for the job and represent his constituents,” chirped in some guy named Chalie Salaz in the release. “The voters of Arizona should not pay the price for an ‘absentee’ legislator.”

“Absentee’? The man is risking is life for this nation and this is the thanks he gets? The Dems always complain Reps do not have to sacrifice personally for Iraq (which is wrong in many situations), so how is it they can say this Rep is derelict? Those whacky Dems have done it again – made themselves look like total idiots.

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  1. Ken says:

    For Enforcement:

    I did not “belittle” Pat Tillman’s service.

    You obviously didn’t read the Nation link I provided above.
    Pat Tillman, according to his mother and family was a Chomsky fan
    and disdainer of George Bush and opponent of the Iraqq War.

    Contact his family and accuse them of lying about their own son if you can’t accept reality.

    Barbara-the Zogby organization is highly acclaimed in the art of
    polling ,non-leftist, and backed up by troops who run for office (eg Paul Hackett in Ohio,who opposed the war ) and by John Murtha, the unofficial liason for them, who oppose the war. You are the obscure poster, dear.

  2. m1j says:

    “backed up by troops who run for office (eg Paul Hackett in Ohio,who opposed the war ) and by John Murtha, the unofficial liason for them, who oppose the war. You are the obscure poster, dear. ”

    It sounds more like this part confirms what they said rather than retract from it. It looks like those backing the Zogby organization have a common idea about the war in Iraq.

    To make point of view clear here I have gradually come to conclude the Iraq war was not what we should have done. Now to point out why. The loony libs would never allow the US to put the right money where it is needed. Our PC don’t hurt anyone mind set prevents us from acting in our best interest. It would take rebuilding our military to the cold war size and strength in order to steam roll over countries and governments that fail to understand our need not to be terrorized. We can not drop a bomb with out the rest of the world crying over the deaths but I saw very little out cry over the ~4000 deaths from 911.

    No, as long as America is dragged down by anti American loony libs we will not ever be able to win the war on terror. In Iraq or any where else. Grab your rag for your head, you’ll need it soon. The loony libs will see to it.

  3. For Enforcement says:

    Ken, I shoud ignore you worthless drivel. as usual you used someone else to try to prove you point.

    Give me a link to some article somewhere that quotes Pat Tillman himself saying what you alledge.

    As usual you refer it to someone said that someone said that i heard that someone said.

    That link you supplied was an article that said Ann Coulter didn’t believe what someone else said that was quoted from a newspaper that Pat Tillman’s mother said. That’s about 4 sources removed from the truth.

    So if you want to prove it. Link me to a direct quote from Pat Tillman himself. Not what somebody said he said. Don’t believe you can.

    I did a pretty thorough Google search and I can’t find one. I did find this and it says it better than I could.

    “Read this.

    You gotta love the Left. (This is sarcasm.)

    It appears as though the “Pat Tillman = Right-Wing Idiot” meme is not confined to BlogCritics.

    Pissing on this great man’s grave has become a bit of a cottage industry for those who think Bush is Hitler, and the War in Iraq is Genocide.

    Please keep in mind that this buffoonish author was not censored. He was merely subjected to a rebuttal. No First Amendment Rights were lost.

    The only thing that was lost is the writer’s credibility…

    The reality is, you are pissing on this great man’s grave. But that’s typical of the French.

  4. Barbara says:


    Please stop using leftists hacks as sources Hackett (opportunist) and Murtha????? These people have their own ax to grind and are certainly not a source any republican or conservative would quote or believe. I can’t believe you would even try on this site. Everyone here knows Hackett ran on the democratic ticket and lost, subsequently dropped by the dems as being too left if you can believe that. Murtha likes to get his name in the papers and is bucking for speaker if by some slim chance dems take over the house. He has trashed our military too many times for any fair minded person to give any credence to his rants. Either he is dumb or does not know his geology or even about the negotiations going on between our country and others to want to deploy our troops to Okinawa when we are in negotiation to reduce our troops there. He sticks his foot in his mouth at every opportunity just to keep his name in ” lights” and I doubt that he even thinks before he opens mouth. So please find more credible sources for your theories..that is if you can.

  5. For Enforcement says:

    Well, I think I’ve read all the pertinent links on Google to Pat Tillman and Chomsky. I’ve competently determined that he became a fan of Chomsky within a short time AFTER he died. There is no link at all that quotes Pat Tillman as ever mentioning the man’s name.

    It got me to wondering who I will become a fan of after I die. Can’t really think of many, maybe God. Oh no, hey, I’m thinking of Chomsky. Hey, there’s no way I would while living.

    What is it about Libs that make them feel like they have to destroy any hero of the Right. Here is a man that clearly stated that he enlisted to do something important for his country.
    Does anyone think that ‘something’ was to run down it’s Pres and defame it’s motives.
    Every man that served with him has talked of their admiration of him. Do you think all those Gung Ho Rangers would have admired him if his nature was to run around talking about Pres Bush being a liar, the war was illegal and other things like that. I can’t begin to imagine that. I know that when I was in the Navy, if some a**hole was running around spouting off about the Pres and that what we were doing was a farce, that would not be an ‘admired’ person. The admired persons I knew stood up straight and happily saluted the Red White and Blue and was proud to be a U.S. Sailor.
    So Progressive Ken, respect Pat Tillman and quit trying to turn him into a Lib. Find your own hero.

  6. Limerick says:

    Can you image Ken’s surprise when he gets to heaven and Rummy is the one taking tickets?

  7. Ken says:

    “Tillman had very unembedded feelings about the Iraq War. His close friend Army Spec. Russell Baer remembered, “I can see it like a movie screen. We were outside of [an Iraqi city] watching as bombs were dropping on the town…. We were talking. And Pat said, ‘You know, this war is so f***ing illegal.’ And we all said, ‘Yeah.’ That’s who he was. He totally was against Bush.” With these revelations, Pat Tillman the PR icon joins WMD and Al Qaeda connections on the heap of lies used to sell the Iraq War.”

    Ken comments follow…

    I give you Sargent Russell Baer to supplement Mary Tillman
    as proof Tillman opposed Bush and the Iraq War.

    MIJ wants to level Iraq to bring it “democracy.” A country which brought no terror or threat to us. That’s not conservatism,that’s barbarism.

  8. For Enforcement says:

    Ken, as usual you failed to understand what was written. Kindly quote something Pat Tillman said BEFORE he died that supports all your crap. You will note that your quote is of someone AFTER he died saying what he said. If Pat was such a raving devotee’ of Chomsky, he must have spouted it for quotes many times. Just one link to this quote would do.
    If he spoke out many times of his dislike of the Iraq war, quote him. Don’t quote somebody else quoting him AFTER he died.
    If he spole often of his dislike for Pres Bush, link me to a quote of his, again, not someone quoting him AFTER he died.
    Find me JUST ONE link of Pat Tillman to Chomsky BEFORE he died.
    Hell after I’m dead, somebody may quote me as being a lover of Chomsky. But they sure as hell won’t before I die.
    That last post of yours is a continuation of your quoting hacks and leftists without ANY proof at all.
    By the way, your philosophy fits in quite nicely with Chomsky’s totally illegitmate rants. The only thing I can’t figure out about Chomsky is why he lives in the USA. It can’t be because he thinks he can make America better, he doesn’t even want to do that. At least I respect you for standing up for your beliefs and living there in France. It’s good to know that someone that hates America as you do, demonstrates it by not living here.

  9. Ken says:

    For Enforcement. If your children and a dear friend represent you
    as having certain opinions after your demise, it will be taken very
    seriously, so I would urge you to pledge them to the truth on these matters.

    It is left to you to explain why you believe Tillman’s family is
    misrepresenting him. Your beef is obviously with them,not me.

  10. For Enforcement says:

    Ken, did you really say this?

    “as having certain opinions after your demise,”

    I don’t believe I’m gonna have ANY opinions AFTER my demise.

    by the same token, I don’t believe Pat Tillman had any AFTER his demise either, and so far all you quoted are attributed to him AFTER his demise.

    Here you have a person that spoke out when he decided to join the Army and expressed his strongly held beliefs for doing so and these have been widely quoted and ALL of them were PRIOR to him dying. All this claptrap you are trying to lay on him to demean his service and make him a darling of the left just ain’t gonna wash.
    If he felt so STRONGLY about all that crap, he would at lease be on record ONE time. But you can’t produce any. You are the one demeaning him. Unless and Until you can quote him and not someone that is shilling for the left, then I’d like to request that you quit pissing on his grave.
    Do you think that Pat’s brother feels especially guilty because he was in the group of Rangers that killed him?

  11. Ken says:

    For Enforcement

    You are effectively accusing Tillman’s mother and father and brother of pissing on his grave.That makes you a despicable interloper.

  12. Limerick says:

    Want 1/2 my bagel Ken?

  13. For Enforcement says:

    Ken, you may have it with grey poupon if you please.

    That may be, but I notice you, as always, make a statement and when asked for proof, totally ignore the question. Makes me wonder why you are never able to supply proof for your thesis. NEVER.

    If Tillman was such a believer, why didn’t he ever tell anyone before he died? He left it for others to do the shilling? not hardly.

    Supply just one link to a quote that he made publicly where he was quoted, not someone else.
    Quit trying to blame others for your shortcomings.