Oct 03 2013

Wutcha You Doing Willis, By Barrycading America?

Tide turner as Congress issues order to National Park Service to retain all records to Barrycading of America’s public treasures:

Senior Republicans on the House Natural Resources Committee sent a letter Wednesday to National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis asking him to retain all documents related to the “arbitrary” closures of open-air monuments and parks in the nation’s capital.

The committee is considering hearings to determine whether the Obama administration ordered the “outrageous” closures in an attempt to “make the current lapse in appropriations as conspicuous and painful to the public as possible,” according to the letter from chairman Doc Hastings, R-Wash., and subcommittee chairman Rob Bishop, R-Utah.

“The Park Service’s decision to barricade the open-air memorials from veterans and other Americans flies in the face of common sense, given their interest in visiting memorials that honor their service and sacrifice to the country,” the lawmakers wrote.

As I noted in my previous post, the paper trail here has to be huge (or would be fraudulent use of funds meant for other purposes).

There will be massive paper trails. There will be meeting notes, expenditures (you think they had all those Barrycades on hand!), authorizations to purchase, charge codes, etc. There will be 100?s of people who were directed to lay out the Barrycades. There will be subcontracts, purchase orders, delivery receipts.

In essence, there will be all the tell tale signs of a premeditated, scripted effort to steal the public lands, our national monuments – and worst of all: our fallen heroes – for the President and Dems to hold hostage and use as pawns.

And if there is not a clear accounting for all this Theater – that would be fraud.

Damned if they did, Damned if they hid.

Update: Darrell Issa also acts:

Representative Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has sent a letter to the National Parks Service, demanding answers on why the outdoors memorials have been barricaded during the shutdown.

The letter was co-written by Goverment Operations subcommitee chair John Mica (R., Fla.).

“Our concerns are heightened due to NPS’s suspicious decisions during the lead-up to the sequester,” wrote Issa and Mica in the letter.  “This past spring the Committee uncovered evidence that NPS’s budgetary decisions were designed to intentionally cause the most disruption to the public in a time of reduced funding.”

“Specifically, the Committee received information that proposed budget adjustments submitted by an NPS official in the field to deal with sequestration impacts were rejected by NPS superiors in favor of cuts that would be more visible and disruptive,” add Issa and Mica.

Think low level and mid level NPS career employees will fall on their sword for this nonsense? Not likely

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  1. momdear1 says:

    Is that one of Barry’s government affirmative action employees stealing a bench in the picture?

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