Oct 02 2013

A Personal Memorial To The Greatest Generation

My father is a World War II Vet. He enlisted in the Navy when he was 17 – before the war started and knowing it was coming. He firstĀ  served on the USS Texas in the North Atlantic.

Then served on the USS Cleveland from its first deployment at the invasion of Africa to its bruising battles in the South Pacific. The links tell the stories of these great ships and their crews.

His generation finished building this country into a world leader for freedom from oppression. His own father joined up once America was in the war, and he lost an uncle in the forests of the Ardennes in World War I. Needless to say, he and his family have sacrificed for this nation.

He was a simple man from the mountains of West Virginia, but he stands head and shoulders over many of the people now running this country in DC – running it into the ground.

When I think of the WWII vets who had to break through Barrycades to visit their own national monument it makes me ill. This nation’s politics should never overshadow the WWII veterans andĀ  – even more so – the WWII casualties. Never.

The Shutdown Theater may be open right now, but as with all theater some subjects should be off limits. And this is one of them.

The Dems tried to play games with the shutdown and figuratively tried to spit in the face of the greatest American generation of all time. They tried to spit in my Dad’s face. And they tried to spit on the graves of all those who died saving the world from Hitler and Mussolini. That memorial in DC is not just for the vets that are alive today, it is also for all those buried around the world who died in the hell that was WWII [the above picture is the US graves at Omaha Beach, France]. These are the people who stopped the Holocaust and freed the surviving Jews. They deserved better than being pawns in a B-level political skit.

The more I think about what happened in DC yesterday and today, the more I realize the left has never grown up since the 1970’s and the ways they treated soldiers back then. Their political theater was pathetic:

The Obama Administration has decided to block access to public memorials on the National Mall as a result of the government shutdown. Like its decision to end White House tours when the sequester cuts took effect, there is no rational reason for this. The Park Police, nominally in charge of monitoring these spaces, isn’t even effected by the shutdown. Shutting off access to these sites is gratuitous and petulant.

They are pathetic.

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2 Responses to “A Personal Memorial To The Greatest Generation”

  1. kathie says:

    The political discourse is so vile coming from the democrates, it is too hard to listen to. I really think they have gone around the bend with power. God only knows what they really want for this country, but for sure it is not a Democratic Republic. The leader of this country has not a clue what the heart of this Nation is. It makes me so sad! None of those in the Democratic party care about the people who fought for this Nation. If they did, how could they have a John Kerry as Secretary of State?

  2. WWS says:

    The real Obama comes out from the shadows, just like we always knew he would.