Jul 12 2013

And The Zimmerman Case Is With The Jury

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And after three weeks the murder trial of George Zimmerman has been handed over to the jury. Will they find him guilty of 2nd degree murder? Of manslaughter? Or will he be found not guilty of either charge?

Open post…have at it!


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  1. dbostan says:

    Of course he was not guilty.
    And that made Strata’s jihad against that poor fellow very baffling to me.
    I say that because Strata was right in many other cases.

  2. Layman says:

    Listened to Juan Williams babbling on about how the system was used to satisfy the (African American?) community. He was met with incredible force by Jeannine Pirro who slammed him saying, “The purpose of the justice system is for Prosecutors to press cases where the evidence can lead them to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed – NOT to satisfy a community or a political party.

  3. mbabbitt says:

    If I was being pounded MMA style and frightened (I hate to have someone even in jest sit on top of me) – and knew because of my own familiarity with MMA fighting, that I was in for a further hard beating, I too might have shot Trayvon. I feel sorry for the Martin family in that not only did they lose a son, but all of the race baiters poisoned them in the hope that they would find some kind of peace from a trial. The race baiters truly exploited and hurt this family. Shame on everyone to jumping to desired conclusions.

  4. Layman says:

    Also watched CNN and saw how they have a pannel of citizens discussing the verdict – almost all minority and over half black. Sure was a fair and balanced review of the case. Amazing how they had a video montage of TM – still showing nothing but cutesy photos of him as a 12- 15 year old frolicking with his mon and dad. Goes right to the complaint of media bias in this case.

  5. Layman says:

    Finally, an AP reporter tweets: “So we can all kill teenagers now?”

    Answer: If that teenager has sucker punched you in the face, breaks your nose, jumps you and begins to pummel you with blows, slams your head to the sidewalk, and in the midst of that beat down you decide your life is in danger… YES you can kill the teenager.

    There is nothing magical about being a “teenager” that prevents one from being able to cause great bodily harm or kill someone.

  6. Frogg1 says:

    There were many things said after the verdict by the Defense Lawyers that really needed to be said. Mark O’Mara talking about the two systems that failed Zimmerman will stay with me.

    Zimmerman Defense Attorney Chastises Media During Press Conference

  7. momdear1 says:

    The verdict is in and Zimmerman is innocent. For all you people who think justice wasn’t served, I ask you to look at those pictures of Zimmerman with his nose smashed and bloody and the back of his head, on which I counted evidence of at least 9 hits on the sidewalk. although the prosecution only counted the 2 cuts that were bleeding. Zimmerman had numerous bruise marks indicating his head hit something. A round head won’t get all those abrasions from one or two hits. Although the prosecution said his injuries weren’t serious, I ask you how many of you would think what was happening wasn’t serious if your looked like Zimmerman looked after this altercation. It looks like the pro black, white hating, justice department intends to keep this pot boiling, and give the liberal media 24/7, round the clock propaganda coverage with which they can incite civil unrest and hatred of whites, by continuing the persecution of Zimmerman via a civil rights prosecution. Don’t expect the Justice Dept to back down after they failed to stir up the predicted riots by the L*nch mobs they organized. They do not take failure lightly and will continue this farce until they have milked every ounce of political good out of it they can, They appear to be too dumb to know when they have lost the fight. Those using this case for political reasons should be warned. When the White people in this country see what is going on and understand that it’s Zimmerman now, but it might be them the next time, the majority of Americans (who are white) will realize here is no recourse for justice under the law for them because of the color of their skin, maybe it will motivate them to clean house in Washington DC.

  8. Layman says:

    While the media and the race hustlers try to do everything in their power to make this a race issue we are missing an important conversation.

    Trayvon was very close to “home.” He could have listened to the advice of his friend (on the phone) and run there very quickly and told his father what was going on. He could have used his phone to call 911 and tell them he was being followed by a strange person. But no… he was 17 years old, full of himself, full of testosterone, 10 feet tall and bulletproof. He decided he was going to confront that “creepy ass cracker” and teach him a lesson. If he had known that cracker had a gun he might have made a different decision.

    I have a teenage son. He told me he would have done the same thing as Trayvon and I got in his face and yelled at him, “And you’d be dead too!” My message to him has been that he needs to do everything possible to avoid a confrontation because you never know who will have a gun or a knife or brass knucles or a can of mace, etc.

    This is a conversation we as a nation need to have with our teenagers. They’ve been rasised on violence, raised on video games and movies where “the good guy” kicks ass and wins. That isn’t reality. And it has absolutely nothing to do with race.

  9. Dc says:

    I wouldn’t be too hard on AJ in all this. It’s the legal standard that I think we all miss in this sometimes. Not Guilty doesn’t mean they don’t think Z didn’t anything wrong, nor does it mean he had the “right” to do what he did. It means the prosecution/State…did not reach the threshold in presenting their case.

    There just wasn’t enough direct evidence to support the intent, and other things the prosecution was trying to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I think the next phase of this is going to be another stirring up of the public to turn this into a racial issue and indictment of the justice system as a whole. I read this morning that Eric Holder is under a lot of pressure right now to “do something about this”, so we may see federal civil rights charges thrown at Z to boot. (for which there is also no evidence to prove).

    The next “legal” step in this would be for Trayvon’s parents to bring civil charges in court…for which Mr. Mara (T’s lead attorney) has already said post trial that they are expecting and ready for…and will most certainly win. He also said they were suing the state for their mishandling of the trial…that caused the trial to go on far longer than it should have…to have them pay for that portion of legal fees, etc. that were used trying to obtain discovery, etc., that the defense was entitled to up front that the State did not readily give.

    So, there’s that. There is also going to be a lot of social commentary about the state of our justice system, as well as mandatory sentencing guidelines to come up I believe.

    In the end…in regards to further prosecution of Z….there is just no getting around the “fact”…that T Martin did NOT go home, as the story/narrative being used to stir this up is expressed. TM was not just passively walking home with skittles and a soda when suddenly he was shot. It didn’t happen that way. TM was aware Z was scoping him out. And he was not afraid of him. He even made a point to walk close past Z’s vehicle to give him the stink eye and gesture at him. (which is noted on the tape of Z’s call). He then took off around the corner running …which is when Z got out of his car to follow him.

    Again…Z never found him or saw him after that…until he was returning to his vehicle and ended his call with police. (TM..circled back behind Z and confronted him). I’ll say that again: Z told cops on the phone that TM was gone, but he still wanted the cops to come…and he had abandoned his pursuit at that point, …and was headed back to his vehicle discussing a location (address) to go meet the cops who were on the way.

    Let me say that one more time: Z had abandoned the chase. Did not see TM after running after him down that pathway. Continued down to the next street. Did not see TM. And was returning back to his vehicle to leave the area discussing where to meet the cops. That’s the last thing we have on recorded call from the police (see the transcript).

    In the next 4 mins…TM was dead.

    He wanted a piece of Z. And he wasn’t afraid of him. Had Z not had his gun on him, and just taken whatever beating TM intended to deliver that day…when police arrived…TM could have been the one arrested for assault. So, this entire notion…of this young, innocent, “child” being shot just trying to make it back to his house after buying skittles and soda…is not an accurate depiction of what actually went on. TM wasn’t entirely innocent in this either. BUT…I also believe the use of deadly force in this case wasn’t justified.

    That’s just my opinion. The evidence that was available…simply was not enough to overcome the states burden on that particular charge.

  10. phaedruscj says:

    I was hoping AJ would take off the blinders at some point but for whatever reason those blinders are permanently affixed as to this case. His claims that prosecution witnesses were strong is so incredibly contrary to any common sense review it is almost beyond comprehension. He continues to suggest guilt of GZ but acknowledges he hasn’t paid any attention tot he defense case AT ALL! You can’t admit being any more biased than that! If AJ thinks the prosecution closing statements came anywhere close to connecting the dots he is absolutely wrong. AJ convicted this guy without benefit of a trial and refuses to even listen to the defense side.

    The concept of ignorance extends well beyond the political when intelligent people like Mr. Strata are supporting the lynch mob segment of our society.

  11. WWS says:

    AJ has totally disgraced himself with this case – it’s not just that he was wrong, but that he threw himself into an overwrought, totally emotional version of events that NONE of the evidence supported! He made up stories (such as his fantasies about trajectories) that were completely disproven by the testimony in the case, and then used his fantasies to try and support what is the most political and evidence free prosecution since the Mike Nifong led Duke Lacrosse case.

    And he proved, over and over again, that he knows NOTHING about proper legal procedure or standards of any evidence in this country. His claims that a witness was strong, when the defense proved that she had perjured herself on the stand? Mind-boggling, and worse yet, proof that someone who can make such a judgment is incapable of being trusted on any matter, large or small.

    The State spent its entire case PROVING that reasonable doubt exists – which is why the jury HAD to find him innocent. Media people and those with an Obama worship complex didn’t see it, but everyone who goes into a courtroom regularly (like me) sure knew it – for example, look up what well known liberal democrat Alan Dershowitz (one of the most respected lawyers in the country) had to say about it.

    for all the talk today about civil rights charges, maybe political hacks could bring them, but it’s impossible to get a conviction. That charge depends on proof of a guilty state of mind by the accused, and the State just spent an entire trial showing that they couldn’t do that.

    As far as civil suits – here’s the rub, Florida’s stand your ground law contains a civil liability shield that blocks lawsuits against those who are defending themselves.

    Zimmermann, on the other hand, has a very good case if he wants to sue media outlets and others who scapegoated him.

  12. Dc says:

    This is AJs blog. He’s entitled to his opinion about Z and/or the case. I have no problem with that despite disagreeing with him on this one. I don’t feel he’s disgraced himself.

    I just disagree with his interpretations of the facts in this case.

  13. WWS says:

    How about disagreeing with his entire conception of Law in general? This is someone pretending to know what he’s talking about, and he doesn’t have the first clue about the most basic and fundamental elements of how our criminal justice system operates.

    This is somebody who’s total “knowledge” of the Criminal Justice system apparently comes from watching CSI and MSNBC in equal amounts. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so malicious.