Jul 12 2013

And The Zimmerman Case Is With The Jury

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And after three weeks the murder trial of George Zimmerman has been handed over to the jury. Will they find him guilty of 2nd degree murder? Of manslaughter? Or will he be found not guilty of either charge?

Open post…have at it!


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  1. oneal lane says:

    I think by the rule of Florida law he is clearly innocent; however I am afraid the jury may have been threatened and may buckle under the strain. On this I think Obama and DOJ….. And their minions may have the fix in. Poor GZ the US govt has him in their crosshairs. How far we have fallen!

  2. Layman says:

    Here it is from the all-seeing eye…

    Not guilty on Murder 2.

    Hung jury on Manslaughter. There will be a couple of jurors who think; “Poor Trayvon did not deserve to die… Zimmerman must be guilty of ‘something’.”

  3. DJStrata says:

    I was thinking the same thing Layman.

  4. NewEnglandDevil says:

    I’m a bit more optomistic. I believe the defense was effective in portraying Z as a bit of a momma’s boy; a bit soft. They went over his injuries thoroughly, and there were no similar injuries the state could show on Trayvon. Several witnesses had T on top of Z, pummeling “MMA” style. O’Mara showed physical disparity between tall, fit T and pudgy, shorter, clinically obese Z. Moms on jury will want to protect weaker kid from being hurt. Not to mention, state could not present a coherent argument or explanation for the events that matched the facts and suggested guilt. I think he walks.

  5. oneal lane says:

    Does the jury have to be unanimous?

  6. NewEnglandDevil says:

    Yes. There are gun-familiar jurors who can make case that Z had every right to carry and use firearm to protect himself. Could overcoome those on jury who are hesitant and aren’t sure T ‘deserved’ to die; uncomfortable w/ use of lethal force.

  7. dhunter says:


    There’s their profiles. I hang my hat and Zimmermans hide on B-76 and B37 to hang the jury preventing a compromise verdict. Compromise so the bruthers don’t burn down their hoods and beat the tar out of other races.
    Otherwise this crew reeks of Liberals and guns are scary, ordinary people shouldn’t carry em types!
    I have been on three juries, all sex crimes and the womens were always the ones who wanted the scumbag to walk.
    Go Figure!

  8. jwb says:


    Good possibility that even if the jury finds GZ guilty of “something”, the judge screwed the pooch and any guilty verdict will be reversed. Interesting following the trial on LI seeing the weakness of the prosecution and a judge who seemed to favor the state’s case with some of her decisions.

    Troops are organizing to react even as the jury deliberates.

  9. Dc says:

    I think murder 2 is out. That was a ridiculous charge to begin with.

    I think there is a possibility of manslaughter charge given it’s more subjective as to “reasonable” standard. I think they are going to decide…there is no way to know what really happened in the fight..as to how the shooting actually took place. But, that Z’s injuries that resulted from that fight just didn’t meet the standard to use deadly force. I think that’s ultimately going to be the deciding factor. The rest of it wont’ really matter…ie., who started it, or why.

    That’s it. He’s gonna be in jail for the next good portion of his life.

  10. momdear1 says:

    Don’t count on Obama calling out the National Guard to protect white Americans from rampaging blacks who are just looking for an excuse to loot, rob. and steal. With the Justice Department’s goons down in Florida organizing l*nch mobs and all this talk about rioting if certain people disagree with the verdict, I am inclined to think that quite possibly these would be rioters and looters have not been keeping up with the news. Gun and ammo sales are out of sight. Stores are sold out of ammo. White America has seen this coming and is prepared. Just how many bodies are these rioters prepared to accept to show White Americans that they have the power to force their will on all of them? Sure Obama can call out the national guard and army to put down insurrections but will American soldiers fire on fellow Americans protecting themselves from a blood thirsty mob? The Russian soldiers refused to fire on fellow Russians and the Soviet Union crashed and burned. I don’t see White American soldiers shooting their grandmas or other relatives even if their black officers give the orders. It looks like it’s going to happen and I predict a blood bath as the victims stand their ground and send a few more brothers to meet Trayvon Martin.

    all this talk about rioting

  11. oneal lane says:


    You say:

    “But, that Z’s injuries that resulted from that fight just didn’t meet the standard to use deadly force. I think that’s ultimately going to be the deciding factor. The rest of it wont’ really matter…ie., who started it, or why. ”

    I cannot agree with this. GZ made the decision in the midst of the process of receiving the injuries. Had he not stopped the process no telling how serious they might have become.

    Too much analysis of this case is based on what we know now, with hindsight, and not what was known “then as it happened”

    I hope these ladies can figure that out. Most people cannot.

  12. Dc says:

    I agree oneal.

    I too, would hope that they would. But, given we don’t “really” know exactly how they met up and started the fight…or the moment T Martin was shot, it leaves it open to interpretation by jury.

    I believe in FL, Self defense in this particular case requires that you or someone else be in imminent danger of “serious bodily injury/harm” and your reaction to that event is held to a “reasonable” standard ..and this is where I think the jury of 6 women is going to fall down on the basis of the evidence (just a guess).

    If it were me…I would say that what evidence there is…that can be “clearly” sorted out (beyond a reasonable doubt) would be adequate for self-defense. I’m just making my guess that these 6 housewives..probably will not.

    They also threw fog around Z’s statements that T saw his gun and was going for it Which he later claimed that that his gun was exposed as his shirt/jacket rolled up and he assumed T might get hold of it. Z also claimed …T had his hand on it and was trying to get to it..when Z trapped his hand and managed to get it first. All of those various scenarios surrounding how the gun came out and was used got surrounded in a cloud of fog…such that it is not clear. Even his own attorney’s downplayed that part of the story and turned it into some maybe yes, maybe no fog of war thing. Is that reasonable doubt? Again, open to interpretation by the jury.

    What we ended up with in evidence…was that T martin was shot close range, consistent with having been leaning over him or his body in that position. We have no evidence other than Z’s confused statements about exactly “how” he got the gun out and fired. (there are several different versions of that). However, I think the sounds from the fight…”clearly” indicate…not just a bunch of grunting and growling and yelling…typical of a “fight” or altercation…but something much higher level than that (panic, in a life and death struggle). Unfortunately, the defense missed this point entirely. Whether those chilling cries for help came from Z (which I think is the case) as he struggled to keep T from pulling his gun from his holster….or whether it came from T…as they struggled over a gun that Z managed to pull….again open to interpretation.

    We have the fight on tape…just not visually. But, what kind of sounds are made in a fight out of anger? Grrrr….grunts…M’Fer…etc. What kind of sounds do you make when you are being attacked or think your life is in danger? HELP…HELP…AHHHhhh…HELP. If your room was on fire and it was coming towards you. What would you yell? If you got into it mutually with someone in a bar fight…which would it sound like?

    Now…another ‘sound” issue not picked up on. You can’t yell for help like that with someone’s hand over your nose and mouth. Nor would the cries be clear if someone was completely on top of you ground and pounding your face.boom, boom, boom. Those cries from Z…would have been “He- -He-l-…Help…_He…etc. There was a “struggle” going on at that point in the fight. Whomever was yelling for help…their mouth/head was free….but the sounds of it were someone yelling for their life. This would have been the point moments before the shot was fired. And it would have been when both T and Z had their hands on that gun..or were trying to get it out of the holster. T would have no longer been grounding and pounding…it would have no longer been a “fight”….but it would have been a life and death struggle for “who gets the gun” first.

    I would still leave it open for interpretation as to who it was who was in fear for their life. Had Z pulled the gun and T was trying to keep him from shooting him with it? Had Z reached for it…T on top of him…holds his hands at the gun trying to keep him from pulling the gun?

    Another thing that could have been done that was not done forensically, was to have the audio analyzed to bring out some of the other sounds going on under the “HELP”. These could have given more definition to things. The effect of the audio/help…moving/phasing…as if they were turning. Changes in pitch (doppler effect). etc..all could have been used. As well…to see if they could isolate and pick up on other sounds…sounds of strikes…blows, sounds of “M’Fer..this or growling or other indications or vocalizations that might give clue as to what was going on.

    These are the kind of things audio engineers work on/with all the time. There’s a kind of gutteral voice that people make in a fight. You clench your teeth…and your voice gets very low/growl/gutteral/animal/primal. High pitched cries for help…are not fighting sounds. Nor are high pitched screams. Those are the sounds you make when a shark takes your leg and starts to pull you under. Vocalizations used during a “fight” are different. And there’s a lot there in those tapes that they didn’t use.

    My guess would be..because even though it would easy enough to make the case that “somebody” was yelling for their life at that point…they still would not be able to definitlvely say it was G or T. And that could just as easily work against them as for them….again..because it would be open to interpretation.

  13. ivehadit says:

    Regardless of the outcome, this trial has, imho, accomplished what the agitators want: Fear amongst the public to act in self defense.

    Psychological warfare. Dr.Keith Ablow wrote a great article about this.

  14. OFFERMOM says:

    This whole case is an incident of Guilty until proven innocent.
    The non emergency tape doesn’t have him told to stay in the truck, and the dispatcher actually asks him where the stranger was headed.

    Lots of 17 year olds are tried as adults for what he is described as doing. Since the jury requested a catalog of all the evidence I think they will test all those supposed lies–like the one in the prosecutions closing where BLDR states that Zimmermann told the neighbor to tell his wife,”I just killed someone” when he actually said,”I shot someone” and then the Prosecutor tries to compare that to a police tape where Zimmerman says “I didn’t know he was dead.”
    I hope the special prosecutor who saw the Grand Jury headed toward acquittal and then stepped in to perjury herself to get the charges, and the prosecutors who blantantly lied and misrepresented the testimony and facts, and the city manager who allowed the family to listen to the tape all together without law enforcement present, and the Martin family lawyer who coached Rachel to tell the story the way he wanted her to–be sued for all they are worth and disbarred.

  15. patrioticduo says:

    Absolutely, the point was to make self defense with a gun an outrageous act. Making us all less safe and more at the whim of government and the state and the police state. If the verdict is guilty, expect more gun owners to hand over their arms and hope for the best. Not me, not ever. I hope others will stand firm the same.

  16. jwb says:


    The only reason that there even were charges and a trial is because our white-Nigerian President made this a racial issue rather than a self-defense issue with his Travon son comment which gave support for the race agenda specialists to promote the racist agenda.

    Elsewhere, the “bad guys” experience ballistic deposits (link).

  17. patrioticduo says:

    Wow! The six women figured out what AJ did not. AJ – please give us some answers for your thinking.

  18. patrioticduo says:

    Hello AJ. I want to have lunch with you and grill a shrimp while we chew the cud over this. I feel like we should catch a fish or field dress a deer over this. How about it? Eh?

  19. Dc says:

    The verdict is in.

    And I have to say I’m surprised. But, glad the jury did their duty and it’s over. Now to watch the MSM hash this over and turn it back into a “social justice”, civil rights issue.

    On to other things

  20. Neo says:

    BREAKING: NAACP asks DOJ to help make Hispanics into Republicans!