Jun 26 2012

The Nail In George Zimmerman False Claims

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This post extends analysis I did in a previous post.

There has been a lot of excellent analysis in the blogosphere regarding George Zimmerman’s claims about the events surrounding his killing of young Trayvon Martin. Analysis clearly in line with the results of the police investigation and the prosecution’s case. While there are many discrepancies throughout Zimmerman’s tall tale, some are simply too big to ignore.

(1) There is no way GZ could pull his gun as described. On his back with his holster against his hip, his holster inside his waistband, while being pinned by TM who is supposedly straddling him. This position means TM”s legs are blocking access to GZ’s waist area (especially if he wiggles ‘downward’ through the straddling legs), as well as the ground and clothing making it impossible to reach and pull a gun. In this position you cannot pull a gun on a wet and rainy night without some evidence on the gun. But the fact is GZ’s elbow is too long to reach his waist since he claimed to be pinning TM’s arm while attempting this trick. Impossible (see below for why)

Update: For all the doubting Thomas’ out there, you can disprove this yourself.  Try and get your wallet of your pants laying on your back without raising you butt off the ground (this is within inches of where a holster would be inside a waste band).  Then have someone straddle you and try again – note where their legs are.  And finally, pin something under your right arm, have someone straddle you (with their weight on you) and try again.  While the picture above is static, your own experiment will do the trick. In the last case your elbow must bend to get to your back pocket, thus the laws of physics and biology disprove the reenactment by GZ. – end update.

(2) There is almost no GZ blood or DNA on TM. TM should be covered with blood or DNA from the punching and from the claimed suffocation attempt. But there is none.

(3) There is no TM blood or DNA on GZ, which there would be if he was shot while straddling over GZ. Blood would begin to flow and should be all over GZ.

(4) If TM was really banging GZ’s head on concrete, there should be some fractures in the skull. Apparently there are no injuries consistent with multiple hard blows to the head.

(5) Finally, the path of the bullet in TM’s body is not possible from the position described , and really is only possible if both men are standing AND GZ’s arm is extended straight.

When you look at the bullet path inside TM’s body it is pretty clear that this was not a shot from underneath, which would be the  angle if events transpired as Zimmerman claims. In fact, even standing the only way to get a gun that level is with your elbows locked straight out in a typical gun range position.

This post does a great job of highlighting some of these basic issues (and where I was able to collect the bullet path image)

You can’t break the laws of physics/biology/chemistry – this is not a fictional world. The crime scene evidence completely destroys GZ’s story, even before you get to issues like the timeline described vs the timeline recorded on the dispatch call, the lies about why GZ exited the car (to follow TM, not to read house numbers which were right in front of him). Basically, nothing beyond the fact he shot Trayvon appears to be true.

And why would GZ need to lie so much?

Because the truth is his actions led to the death of young Trayvon Martin.  That is the only reason to make up so much fiction.

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  1. Mata says:

    Here’s how it goes, RT. If you’re going to be accusing me of “name calling” by my stated opinion on the quality of your comments… of which you’ve done to me since my commenting arrival here, I’ve got nothing to lose in actually calling you a name. I’m already being accused of it, so I might as well take advantage of your hypersensitive nature.

    You’re a blithering idiot, and dumber than a box of rocks. Okay? Now you can return to your whining. But this time with some justification.

  2. browngreengold says:

    Leans back. Munches popcorn.

  3. AJStrata says:

    Sadly, RT is badly outgunned at the moment. Not even mildly interesting debate. Being ‘late to the game’ of course….

  4. Mata says:

    Lester’s order INRE bail bond is out, AJ. Thought it was going to be particularly interesting since O’Mara decided to run a “mini-trial” for Zim self-defense to combat any notion that the State’s case is “strong”.

    Since they spent very little time on the financial fraud INRE bail, and more time about ol’ Z was in fear for his life, I was wondering how that bail bond order was going to read. O’Mara did himself no favors when he offered up Zim to be questioned by the Judge… alone… and with the stipulation that he could not be cross examined. Lester blew him out of the water with that absurd request.

    BTW, the audio of the Jun 29th bond hearing is here, conveniently posted with approx start times of each witness by an avid (or would that be rabid? LOL) GZ supporter.

    The Order INRE bail bond is really interesting reading. Lester began with O’Mara’s “mini trial” and noted that the State had presented evidence at the original bond hearing for their murder two case, and GZ presented no evidence of self defense in response. The footnote notes that counsel arguments and statements are *not* evidence.

    Then he proceeded to rip the smarter-than-the-average-bear-on-the-legal-system Zimmerman a new one. One gets the feeling, based on the digging and precedents that Lester had to use, that he was inclined to want to deny bail bond, but it was not within his authority to do that without denying GZ his rights. Were it so clear cut that GZ was not a flight risk, all those gyrations wouldn’t have been necessary.

    Instead he nailed him for a $1 mil bond, requiring a $100K payment for the 10%, chewed his butt out for lying to his attorney, stated he thought there was ample evidence for him to be charged with felony three, indicates he doesn’t trust him to leave even the county this time, has to check in every 48 hours, and better not be caught anywhere near the Sanford airport. Also that electronic monitoring “Lindsay Lohan” jewelry he’ll be wearing will be at his own financial expense.

    Considering that O’Mara made a stab at a self-defense claim, and Lester came back with this order, it doesn’t look like Lester was impressed with O’Mara’s self-defense case since he put the bond up there pretty high, and gave a pretty good indication that he’d rather not have granted it at all.

    If this was a test for a SYG hearing, O’Mara hasn’t got a prayer if it’s in front of Lester. Since that puts the burden of proof on GZ, and requires a belief in his credibility to be successful… and including that the majority of SYG immunity hearings end up going to trial anyway statistically – GZ be in deed doo doo.

  5. Redteam says:

    mata: My following comments are in English, so you have a reasonable chance of understanding them. I’m not sure what your native language is….. doesn’t seem to be English.

    “If you’re going to be accusing me of “name calling” by my stated opinion on the quality of your comments”
    again, in English: I provided you a quote just above: it contained the word ‘Dude’. I don’t believe that is a “stated opinion on the quality of your comments” my name is not ‘Dude’, but since you’ve obviously jumped the shark, you may continue to use it if it calms you a little. my sympathies…please continue to follow the advice of your shrink.

    I like this one: “You’re a blithering idiot,” So, you’ve now totally lost your cool, in addition to the discussion.

    AJ: LOL: “Being ‘late to the game’ of course….” Thanks for your support on reminding mata she’s late to the game. but I will continue to try to help her get caught up…

    Guess both of you caught that little point in the new bond hearing statement that ‘bond is required’ which means that the evidence is not strong. otherwise bond would be discretionary.

  6. Redteam says:

    “as superior on the haps, insulting me with parroted phrases, yet babble about TM cell records that are, per a judge’s order, unavailable for public records.”
    could you please translate into English?
    I don’t understand why you seem to be the only one without access to TM’s cell records.
    Oh, I get it. you’re kidding, right?

  7. browngreengold says:

    RT is now just making stuff up as he goes along.

    Keep slingin’ that poo…something might stick. Eventually.

  8. Mata says:

    Put your proof where your cybermouth is, RT. Do post the link to the Jan 1 to Mar 1 TM phone records/evidence that the Judge held as exempt from public records in his order on Jun 13th.

  9. browngreengold says:

    Mata, he’s got the link to the cell phone records bookmarked right next to the Judge’s statement declaring GZ “Guilty” and the Dershowitz statements regarding the bond hearing.

    In other words, those things exist in the vacant space between his ear lobes and nowhere else.

  10. Mata says:

    LOL, BBG. Good thing there’s always room for more in a vacuum.

  11. Redteam says:

    mata: are you related to BBG? sound similar. I’m surprised that you have to ask for a link, you’ve certainly implied your superiority on such things, but you have to descend from your throne to ask an idiot for help. Geez….have you no pride?

  12. AJStrata says:


    You are so behind (i.e., late to the game) it is silly. Please stop digging. You are quite toast right now….

    And thank the lord you did not go into law!

  13. browngreengold says:

    Hey RT…. your latest scribbling is missing the requested link to the cell phone records you claimed to have access to.

    Seems that if you were really as up to date and knowledgeable on this case as you wish for us to believe then you wouldn’t be so reticent to provide links to the things you are claiming to be true.

    Seems that if you really had superior knowledge [snicker] you would demonstrate it out in the open in front of everyone in order to show all us “late comers” how wrong we are.

    What’s that noise I hear? Oh… that’s the sound of your last iota of credibility slowly circling the drain.

  14. Redteam says:

    “And thank the lord you did not go into law!”

    I didn’t? hmmmm….

    Osmosis is great..

  15. Catharsis says:

    A lot of this I have been saying all long. This article put it into context and articulated that well. And Mata you make so many good points that I just had to cosign!!

  16. bey says:

    I love this blog. Thank you for taking the time to put the effort in to proving Zimmermans lies. I hope the prosecution does the same thing. Also visit us on FB Arrest George Zimmerman page. It’s the biggest one with the most likes and on Like it is now. http://likeitisnow.weebly.com/

  17. AJStrata says:

    Hey bey,

    Thanks. Feel free to link back to here as well!