Nov 07 2011

Cain’s Week In The Cross Hairs

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My apologies for the light posting, massive meetings and travel recently.  And thanks to DJStrata for stepping in while I was engaged elsewhere.

Not too surprisingly, the one man who represents the biggest threat to business as usual in DC is on the receiving end of a character assassination hit job from DC’s Political Industrial Complex. The same old dirty politics from the usual DC incompetents (who have screwed up so many things that our economy is now on the verge of collapse) are out gunning for Herman Cain. It is a sign of Cain’s rising stature that the knives are now out.

But what the Political Industrial Complex does not yet understand is how each attack on Herman Cain is now a sign to the voters that Cain is the right choice in 2012. As the left and right begin to shudder with the realization Cain would end the gravy train for all (instead of switching out Donkeys or Elephants at the head of the trough) they have decided it has to be anyone but Cain. Which means the voters are all flocking to Cain since he has elicited such panic and froth from those responsible for our current mess.

While there are lots of speculation on who was behind the “Clarence Thomas treatment” of Cain, I see one similarity that stands out quite obviously. In 2004 the Illinois Senate race was upended when personal details of the GOP candidate’s divorce were illegally unsealed by a liberal judge who wanted to toss the race to one Barack Obama:

Ryan married actress Jeri Ryan in 1991; together they have a son, Alex Ryan. They divorced in 1999 in California, and the records of the divorce were sealed at their mutual request. Five years later, when Ryan’s Senate campaign began, the Chicago Tribune newspaper and WLS-TV, the local ABC affiliate, sought to have the records released. On March 3, 2004, several of Ryan’s GOP primary opponents urged release of the records.[5] Both Ryan and his wife agreed to make their divorce records public, but not make the custody records public, claiming that the custody records could be harmful to their son if released. On March 16, 2004, Ryan won the GOP primary with 36 percent to 23 percent against Jim Oberweis who came in second.[6] Obama won the Democratic primary, with 53 percent to 23 percent against Dan Hynes, who came in second.

On March 29, 2004, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider ruled that several of the Ryans’ divorce records should be opened to the public, and ruled that a court-appointed referee would later decide which custody files should remain sealed to protect the interests of Ryan’s young child.[7] The following week, on April 2, 2004, Barack Obama formally established his position about the Ryans’ soon-to-be-released divorce records, and called on Democrats not to inject them into the campaign.[8] The Ryan campaign characterized Obama’s stance as hypocritical, because Obama’s alleged backers had been emailing reports about the divorce records prior to Judge Schnider’s decision.[8]

Anyone note how a Los Angeles judge was able to upend an Illinois election? What everyone needs to remember about this was neither Jack nor Jeri Ryan wanted these records exposed – only his opponents. There was defending this action, which arguably led Obama to the White House and our current situation.

If I am correct, this White House is frightened to death about Herman Cain as a challenger. As Dennis Miller quipped, with would be Cain (or “can”) versus “Unable”. That fear is causing them to go all out against Cain (and which why they keep pretending Romney is the opponent they most fear – apparently because he is so close to Obama in many ways).

The more the Political Industrial Complex attacks Cain on what are simply normal human imperfections, and attempt to prop up the government bureaucracy as the be-all end-all, the more attractive Cain looks to the average voter. And for good reason.

When the 2010 election dust settled, DC was faced with a massive influx of libertarian driven (not leaning, but driven) representatives and senators. The comments about the Tea Party members from the established members was telling and it showed the fear of this movement.

Harry Reid complained about radicals wanting to shrink government to within its means. He was one of many pols who could not fathom a world were the government was a minimal factor in the lives of America (see here for one more example). The result was old school versus new school, with old school incapable of doing what the voters wanted.

Now that DC has decided to once more ignore the American voters, continue with business as usual, the voters now realize they are not done sending fresh blood and perspective to DC. Not by a long shot. And the one candidate who is not a life long government busy-body, know-it-all is Herman Cain.

He does not know all aspects of useless and pointless policies – a good sign. He does not get stuck in the mental quicksand of government driven solution details. He is not enamored with idea of tuning government (see Obama, Romney, Perry, et al for variations on this theme). He is for identifying the pointless and useless in government and ending it – giving people back their country.

He is We The People. And the more the Political Industrial Complex lashes out, the more we know we have the leader that will begin the long process if transforming DC – instead of transforming America.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    So now we have Gloria Allred, thoroughly discredited by Greta Van Susteren, coming forward with the FOURTH accuser.

    Now who will believe Gloria and this fourth accuser? Not many.

    So far, HotAir and Michelle Malkin are not thrilled with Gloria Allred and this FOURTH accuser.


  2. lurker9876 says:

    As I am talking to one of the volunteers, there is the first hint of the controversy that has embroiled the campaign. Cain’s Iowa director, Larry Tuel, strolls over and introduces himself; after I tell him I’m with National Review, he remarks, “It’s a good publication. I think it’s a little more normal than let’s say — oh, let me think — Politico, for example. You get some facts before you publish, don’t you?”

    Later on, in Tuel’s office (on the side of the facility closest to the Michele Bachmann campaign’s Iowa headquarters, which is directly across the small street), he explains his frustration with the media. “This story’s been known about,” he says. “It’s not like this just popped up. I know reporters that have known about it for weeks and weeks. And all of a sudden when Mr. Cain gets to the top of the polls, ahead of Romney — 29–23 in one — then the story breaks. The timing, to me, is odd.”

    So, this story was known about for a very long time? More details at the above link.

  3. Redteam says:

    “It’s not like this just popped up. I know reporters that have known about it for weeks and weeks. ”

    I’m confused. If it was known for weeks and weeks, why was Cain so completely blind sided?

    If there is absolutely nothing to any of it, Cain has caused all the confusion by telling so many different stories. He has ‘shot himself in the foot’ so to speak.

    Do we really need someone in the oval office that can’t remember which story is the correct one? We’ve had two of those recently, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. I guess we can just blame it on ‘being a politician’ but we’re giving Cain credit for ‘not’ being a politician so you’d think he would remember to tell the same story repeatedly and not change it at each recitation.

    Now I know some are gonna claim he has been consistent, and to that I’ll say true, He has consistently been inconsistent. go back and review the different responses he has had. He needs to get a person that knows how to keep the press in line and follow their advice.

  4. kathie says:

    I may be crazy……but a black man raised in the south would be that bold with a white woman he didn’t know. I don’t know, sounds a little shonky to me.

  5. DJStrata says:

    I agree Kathie. The other thing that bothers me is that she specifically states that she did not want to be there. So why are you there? Same thing goes for the woman who wanted the non-disclosure lifted, but then didn’t want to say anything. There is something extremely fishy about all of this!

  6. lurker9876 says:

    I agree, Kathie. It makes absolutely no sense at all. There will be movement to disprove and discredit her or prove Cain did all of that. Cain will be forced to deal with it. Grope and pull her head down to a white woman??? I think there is something extremely fishy about this.

    Even a few commenters at HotAir do not believe her and suggests ways to prove how wrong she is. Just because she got affadavits from two people that hear her doesn’t mean that Cain did it or not. Still no proof. One commenter said…show us your black dress if you have it.

  7. WWS says:

    re: Kathie, hmm – not that I believe it, but if it WERE true, could be a case of Black Man’s Kryptonite.

    yeah, I know that’s racially insensitive, yada yada yada. It happens.

  8. lurker9876 says:

    Stimulus package?

    She was fired from her job? Because she didn’t raise enough money for NRA?

    She told her BFF and some one else something…and what exactly did she tell them?

    Sharon saw Cain a month ago and Cain remembered her? Well, then if Sharon had a problem with Cain many years ago but did nothing a month ago until today????

    Details do not make sense.

    So…a fifth woman will approach Gloria Allred…sixth woman approaching Gloria?

    I see that Joel Bennett responded after this presser that yes, it’s exactly the same thing his client complained about.

    Right. These lawyers and clients need to come out with something more real than what they’ve presented so far.

    Sharon will be torn apart.

    Cain will also be torn apart.

    This time the Cain team responded quickly.

  9. lurker9876 says:

    Yeah, of course!! As expected…people are starting to investigate Sharon.

    Look at the dates…of Sharon’s collection cases in 2007 and 2009 and a domestic case in 1999 (no, it is a different David Axelrod)

    About Contact Archives RSS Columns Photos

    About Contact Archives RSS Columns Photos Michelle Malkin No, “David Axelrod” is not “connected” to Sharon Bialek; plus Cook County court records

    By Michelle Malkin • November 7, 2011 03:54 PM Ugh. I know the Chicago Way has a way of getting into every political story. But let’s not get off the rails here.

    Lots of people on Twitter are claiming a “connection” between Chicago resident/Herman Cain accuser Sharon Bialek and Obama guru David Axelrod.

    This is the source of the confusion: Cook County records showing a court case involving Bialek and a plaintiff represented by a “David Axelrod” of Highland Park, IL.

    He is a completely different Axelrod who practices law.

    Here’s his law firm’s group photo:

    This is the Obama Axelrod:

    That Axelrod is not connected to Bialek. (Not yet, anyway.)



    For what it’s worth, Cook County records show three court cases involving Bialek — two collections cases in 2009 and 2007, and one child support/paternity-related case in 1999:


    Filing Date: 07/20/2009 Case Type: CONTRACT Call Type: CT
    Division: MD District: 1 Room/Calendar:1401
    Ad Damnum:$3,539.58 Most Current Court Date:09/22/2011 Time: 0930

    Party Information

    Plaintiff(s) Attorney(s)
    1448 OLD SKOKIE RD.

    Date of Service Defendant(s) Attorney(s)
    08/29/2010 BIALEK SHARON



    Filing Date: 09/10/2007 Case Type: CONTRACT Call Type:
    Division: MD District: 1 Room/Calendar:
    Ad Damnum:$1,000.27 Most Current Court Date: Time:

    Party Information

    Plaintiff(s) Attorney(s)
    125 S WACKER DR #400
    CHICAGO IL60606


    Filing Date: 10/22/1999 Case Type: PET TO ESTABLISH PARENTAGE (NON-IV-D)
    Division: Domestic Relations Division District: First Municipal
    Ad Damnum: $0.00 Calendar: 99

    Party Information

    Plaintiff(s) Attorney(s)

    3000 DUNDEE RD#415

    NORTHBROOK IL, 60062

    (847) 272-2800

    Date of Service Defendant(s) Attorney(s)

  10. lurker9876 says:

    Sharon said that Cain had his shirt open????

    So now the social conservatives are demanding Cain to address her allegations?

    Probably a good thing that it’s happening right now but the question is that if this is sexual assault, why did she wait for so many years before today?

  11. lurker9876 says:

    Brit Hume now says it will be virtually impossible for Cain to survive this.

    Imagine that, if this is not true, this could set precedence for future Conservative candidates.

  12. Frogg1 says:

    It’s hard to know where the truth is. I’m not sure he can survive it though.

  13. dhunter says:

    If We The People can’t rally behind Herman Cain then I guess we deserve whatever we end up with, Obama or the Republican version. Romney.
    If we don’t rally behind Herman we hand the left their playbook to discredit and disqualify any candidate they fear can beat them.
    IF Herman did everything he is accused of here, he is still a better candidate than Clintoon, Obama the dope smoker and snorter, Ted Kennedy, JFK, and many other Americans.
    No one died and by the womans own admission IF he did this he stopped when she asked him to and took her home.
    I don’t for a minute believe he did it.
    At least he wasn’t making waitress sandwiches like Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd those two paragons of the left.

  14. Redteam says:

    There is too much emphasis being put on ‘did he’ or ‘did he not’ do it.

    That’s not the question. The question is: Why has Cain had too many versions of what he says happened and why would he have a version at all if nothing happened.
    I don’t care one way or the other. As John Kennedy is quoted as saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s a smoke making machine”

    Either the news media or Cain is generating smoke, I’ll leave others to figure out which it is.

    The alternate candidate isn’t going to be Romney anyhow, no matter how much Rove pontificates. Newt is going to be the Republican nominee..

  15. kathie says:

    I’m thinking that if Cain is comfortable being that forward with a woman, I mean how many men say how do you do and put their hand up a woman’s skirt and then grab her hand to put on his crotch. If it is true he is a total sleaze bag and their must be hundreds of other woman out there……he has been a public person for his whole life. This woman is from Chicago……Obama land. This just doesn’t ring true to me. No guy behaves like that!

  16. lurker9876 says:

    Ah ha! FIFTH accuser!

    So it’s running rampant…the more people continue to stand by Cain, the more they do it.

  17. dhunter says:

    Now a dinner invitation is sexual harassment!

    Way this is playing out soon asking a lady for a date will be taboo for republicans, sorry ladies I guess you can only date the Rats,
    but hey, the Rats can haul em into the john and mess their dress (Clintoon),
    send em nude pics (Weiner),
    drown em in a lake (Kennedy),
    make waitress sandwiches out of em all day long (Kennedy and Dodd), parade em around nude on their yacht (Hart),
    run a hopnmosexual prostitution ring out of their apartment (Frank), and no problemo there.
    Need I continue?