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Aug 07 2010

When God Talks To Pols

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I just cannot fathom Lindsey Graham. Who else would claim God’s messenger told him to vote for a pro-choice liberal supreme court justice? “It is called the Golden Rule,” said Graham. “‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ That is probably one of the most powerful statements ever made. It is […]

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Mar 24 2010

Even France Ain’t Buying Cap & Tax

We all know the liberals in DC only have a few months left to finish destroying America (change we can believe in!), and at the top of their list is the fantasy of man-made global warming and the energy tax. They will do what they did on Health Care, and make up lies about how […]

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Nov 19 2009

Senator Lindsey Graham Nailed Holder On 9-11 Trials

The person leading the charge against holding 9-11 civilian trials in New York City yesterday was centrist GOP Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. He was the most articulate and the most powerful as to why the Holder decision was incoherent and dangerous. He nailed Holder by asking what would happen if Osama Bin Laden […]

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