Nov 19 2009

Senator Lindsey Graham Nailed Holder On 9-11 Trials

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The person leading the charge against holding 9-11 civilian trials in New York City yesterday was centrist GOP Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. He was the most articulate and the most powerful as to why the Holder decision was incoherent and dangerous. He nailed Holder by asking what would happen if Osama Bin Laden was to be captured – would he go to criminal court an gain the rights of US Citizens, or would he go to a military tribunal as all illegal combatants in war time have gone? The question left AG Holder babbling as incoherently as his liberal policies.

Senator Graham rightfully noted this would be THE FIRST TIME we ever gave one of our enemies of war the rights and privileges of a citizen in our courtrooms. All this even though none of the terrorists we picked up on the battlefield overseas were read their right to be silent, were given their right to a lawyer, were given their right to a speedy trial, were given their right to remain silent. All violations that would have the case kicked out of a normal trial.

When Graham was on Sean Hannity’s radio show he also exposed the illogic of Holder’s warped thinking. He noted that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was being given the superior world stage, along with visibility into our data and methods, from which he can put America on trial – all the time wrapped in the constitutional rights of an American. But other detainees who hit military targets, they go to the more restricted military tribunals for their day of reckoning.

Of course, all this does is incentivize terrorists to hit soft targets – if they aren’t martyred they get the stage, data and rights of America’s civilian court system over the military tribunal. With a newly minted Marine in the family I don’t want any attacks on military units of course. But at least military units are prepared and armed and typically knock the snot out of the bad guys, so if I had to pick whether it is better for terrorists to attack our military overseas or our civilians here at home it is not hard to make the choice.

Lindsey Graham did this country an amazing service yesterday as he called out the stupidity of the Holder/Obama decision to hold civilian trials in America for our enemies from 9-11 and other terrorist acts. Maybe now those myopic conservatives on the far right will wake up and realize centrist can make a huge difference – just like Lieberman, Bush and McCain did with The Surge in Iraq to win the war there.

No more talk of drumming good people out of the GOP – now is not the time.

Update: NewsBusters has the Graham-Holder confrontation video and more.

Update: Allah Pundit at Hot Air also chimes in.

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  1. Frogg1 says:

    Sen Graham did, indeed, do an outstanding job here. My mouth about fell to the floor when Graham asked Holder if Osama Bin Laden were captured today would he get miranda rights?— and Holder stumbled all over himself and finally said “it depends”. This is definately a dangerous precedent on so many levels.

  2. Sen Graham uselessly worries about mirandizing Bin Laden.

    We won’t get Osama Bin Laden because, while uncaptured, he is too much of a cash cow for the Pakistani ruling factions to extract cash from stupid foreigners in the American CIA, Defense and State Departments.

    See this Ralph Peters op-ed column here:

  3. kathie says:

    What was so surprising about the exchange yesterday was that Holder seemed to be saying that Miranda didn’t really matter, a person can be tried in either civilian or military courts, and how or where they were picked up is irrelevant.

    Grassely also seemed to be saying that the Holder’s justice department was filled with many lawyers (from Holders old law firm) who had defended Gitmo terrorists, that they also succeeded in delaying military trials, and were now in the justice department advising Holder to use civilian courts for these very high value terrorists.

    It didn’t appear that Holder knew much about Military Courts or the value of using them as opposed to public trials. Basically he said trust us, he had a high degree of confidence that everything would work out ok.

    I think I’m beginning to get the gist of Obama and his administration. It seems that they are mega idealists, they unlike the past administration and most of us, hold the moral high ground, they see an America that is fair, and kind and generous to all. They hope that if only they can make us understand how perfect, and honorable, and beautiful the world “could” be, we and Iran and North Korea would surely fall in line for our own good, we would stop the fighting, and discrimination, heal the sick, save the planet. There is no plan B because the “one” believes in his heart that he and his vision are irresistible.

    He went to Asia with no plan other then himself, and he took it in the shorts. He stammered, shrugged, and couldn’t believe that the leaders of the countries he visited just wanted a “fight”, though the adoring crowds showed him the love he is used to. The representatives of China, and Korea and Japan wanted something from him and us. He thought they just wanted to bask in his glory. I was thinking Obama was malicious, now I’m thinking he is beyond stupid in understanding how the world really works and has no clue. The majority of the people who populate the earth are just mortal human beings who have not evolved to Obama glory and probably won’t in this life time and in the many to come. If Obama doesn’t come to earth really soon and direct his cabinet to come to earth as well, we are in big trouble, he is putting us all at the mercy of a very dangerous world. Obama is not irresistible.

  4. kathie says:

    This is what Obama had to say to a group of soldiers he met with before leaving South Korea. It is positively unbelievable………

    Obama said, his meetings in four countries over eight days in Asia will help deliver a “safer more prosperous world for all of us.”

  5. Redteam says:

    I think what surprised me the most about Graham’s grilling is that he was on the correct side in this.
    Maybe the fact that the conservatives in his home state have him on their hit list has awakened him.. that he needs to quit supporting the left if he wants to continue to be a senator.

    This is not a right and left issue. It’s a right or wrong issue.

  6. Whomever says:

    Graham was inspired …

    … and we’re not ‘spose to comment on Holder’s hair, right? Just Sarah’s. OK: Sarah’s hair looked great.

  7. AJStrata says:

    No Redteam,

    Graham was being honest – which is what we need. Keep bashing him like a good purist and see what happens.

  8. Mike M. says:

    The big point is to make sure to reward the penitent as well as punish the apostate. Wield the carrot as well as the stick.

  9. KauaiBoy says:

    This is why they invented the word stupid. There is absolutely no need to increase the risk profile of New York City when they can be tried anywhere and broadcast on TV—-they have heard of the wonders of video conferencing haven’t they, or just how to use a teleprompter? Plus think of the carbon footprint in flying these guys up here, yada yada yada….

  10. Neo says:

    Holder’s Prayer .. Psalm 109:8

  11. gary1son says:

    LG does have a certain silver tongue talent for this type of thing, and this time he obviously used it for good. Problem is, he appears intent on using that same ability to sway emotion and opinion in order to help the Democrats pass disastrous climate change legislation.

    Hopefully he’ll change his tune as his poll numbers seem to be “tanking”. Or possibly it will dawn on him that EVEN IF all they say about global warming is true, cap and trade is about the last thing that should be employed to supposedly “fix” it.

  12. Redteam says:

    Keep bashing him

    He doesn’t need any help from me. He does a pretty good job of bashing himself..

  13. gary1son says:

    It should also be noted that LG voted for this idiot Eric Holder.

    I think LG is more devoted to his face time on Sunday mornings than he is to using consistent good judgement. His stances and votes seem to hinge on whether or not they will be applauded by the beltway media industry.