Jul 26 2009

Government Take Over Of Health Takes Down President Obama

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The democrats have learned the same lesson they had to learn in 1993-1994. If you attempt to take over the world’s premier health care system by claiming cheaper is better and bureaucrats are better than insurance companies, you lose the American people who know their health care is the best – which is why it is expensive. The amazing fact is we all have quick access to amazing medical treatments. Some have access to more, many don’t pay, but it is there and is the envy of the world (especially the UK and Canada, which the liberals hold up as the best we could hope for).

Liberals love the nanny state because they get to be the nannies. They get to  explain to one and all how great and all knowing they are, how holier than though they are, how they feel more for the poor saps they have to lead into the promised land. It is a pathetic arrogance that the right mirrored on their path to the minority. The right tried to mimic Begala and Carver in their condescending and flip arrogance, and reaped the same results that these Clintonites reaped for the Democrats as a whole. I have never understood the cult like admiration for the man from Hope who decimated the democrat hold on federal power.

And now a new man with “Hope” has unleashed the inner liberal nanny that cowers inside the far left, and the result is the same. A growing rejection of the liberals’ failed policies is massing in response to the frightening overreach of government bureaucrats to decide who shall live and who shall die. In response to the failure to address the problems of health care cost alone, and by allowing Pelosi and her liberal wing nuts to play know-it-all-gods, President Obama’s approval ratings are crashing:

This is not only an enormous shift in attitude AFTER the President’s abysmal prime time, but it may just be irreversible. We still face over a year of unemployment over 9% with the bottom yet to be found. People wanted simple and incremental changes to address a few nagging problems. They did not vote for radical liberal social experiments.

But President Obama was so naive to the ways of DC and the federal government he handed over his key signature issues to zealots and ideologues who are so radical in their thinking they always scare the hell out of normal people once it is clear what they are actually planning to do to this nation.

After two major failures what people will want most is for the liberals to be shut down and give the nation a chance to fix their mistake in 2010. The more the liberals push in the opposite direction, the worse the change will be for the Democrats.

Update: BTW, there are real examples in the US of the disaster we may have avoided by rejecting the liberal take over of our health care industry. Tennessee actually tried a Pelosi-Obama like risky scheme, and paid an incredible price for their mistake:

The genesis of TennCare has many parallels to the situation in which we find ourselves today. It was a public option plan designed to save money and expand coverage. In the early 1990s, Tennessee was facing rising costs in its Medicaid program. TennCare was designed to replace Medicaid with managed care and use the promised savings to expand coverage. By 1998, TennCare swelled to cover 1.2 million people. Private business dropped coverage for employees and forced them onto state rolls. By 2002 enrollment had swelled to 1.4 million people and forced Tennessee’s Governor to raise taxes and ultimately propose an entirely new state income tax to cover the unforeseen costs. Governor Bredesen was ultimately forced to dramatically restructure a program he has since called “a disaster”. By 2006 Bredesen had disenrolled nearly 200,000 people and slashed benefits.

We don’t need to theorize about the effect of Obamacare. There is no real guesswork as to the result. With restrictions on changes and new customers on private health care plans on the now infamous page 16 of the House bill, we know in 5-10 years all the private insurance companies will have been shuttered and closed down, throwing millions of people out of work.

The only guess work from Tenncare to Obamacare is the speed and the scope of the destruction, not the path.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    “I like the idea that would create co-ops which would allow small businesses to band together and obtain rates akin to big business rates.”

    Yeah, forgot to mention that one. Allow small business and the self-employed to pool together into a larger risk group to lower premiums.

    Rather than increasing “programs” for the unemployed they need to make it easier for people to get into business for themselves and stay in business for themselves. Decreasing the amount of unemployment reduces the need for programs for the unemployed AND reduces expenses for everyone.

    More people are self employed than work for any corporation in the US. America’s largest employer is Americans themselves. Small business should be treated as “too big to fail” because it is the largest business of them all.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Big Lizard has some excellent ideas. May check his site to see what his ideas are.

  3. kathie says:

    I love Big Lizards plan. Please send it to congressman. They might try it.

  4. owl says:

    The Dems are power zealots but the zealot that scares me s***less is Obama.

    If you think that defeating this Obamacare Rationing is going to stop him…………..wrong. It will be back from a different angle. This is about correcting social injustices and redistribution of the wealth.

    Look at his friends. I call it racism. I have been calling it racism from the time of Rev Wright.

    Someone going to convince me that all his friends/neighborhood are racists but he is not? They all have a few common traits and unfortunately, as Prof Gates said about his mother, she hated whites. Unless you believe that a black person can not be a racist, it won’t wash.

    This is Obama’s baby. He said it with a straight face to a woman at the Oval Infomercial about killing her mother. This belongs to Obama and the people He has put in place.

    Somebody better get scared.

  5. crosspatch says:

    One mistake George W. Bush made was keeping too many Clinton appointees in various positions (including DoJ). The next Republican administration should engage in the same wholesale firing that Clinton engaged in. Just get rid of all of these idiots. Also, keep the rules in the House that the Democrats currently have and lock the Democrats out of decision making. The Republicans tried to be bipartisan and paid a dear price for it. Pelosi changed the rules so let them live with their own rules for a while once the Democrats are kicked wholesale out of Congress as I believe they will be.

  6. JDavis says:

    OK that was funny WWS. (Sort of.) 🙂


  7. kathie says:

    A point…dems say medicare it is too expensive because elder care is the most expensive of all. Well, I say that is why you start paying into it with your first job, in your twenties, that is 40 years of paying into a program before you put it to use. How much more do they want?

  8. crosspatch says:

    Kathie, except here is how it really works:

    You start paying into the system in your twenties. Social Security Administration gives your payment to Congress in exchange for an IOU and then Congress spends the cash.

    Now when it comes time to pay you and if Medicare isn’t bringing in enough cash to pay your medical expense, they must take that IOU to Congress to be paid. But Congress doesn’t have any money. They have to either borrow on the credit markets or just print the money. In the past Congress borrowed from Social Security, that is what Social Security was designed for … a cash cow to allow Roosevelt to run a deficit without having to simply print money. Now they have expanded it so much without indexing eligibility age with life expectancy that they have more due in benefits than they have coming in.

    Add to that layoffs are reducing payroll taxes and laid off seniors are going on Social Security years earlier than planned.

    Government needs to kill off the old people or balance the budget. Apparently killing old people is, in their mind, more popular than cutting spending. It really is that simple.