Jul 26 2009

Government Take Over Of Health Takes Down President Obama

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The democrats have learned the same lesson they had to learn in 1993-1994. If you attempt to take over the world’s premier health care system by claiming cheaper is better and bureaucrats are better than insurance companies, you lose the American people who know their health care is the best – which is why it is expensive. The amazing fact is we all have quick access to amazing medical treatments. Some have access to more, many don’t pay, but it is there and is the envy of the world (especially the UK and Canada, which the liberals hold up as the best we could hope for).

Liberals love the nanny state because they get to be the nannies. They get to  explain to one and all how great and all knowing they are, how holier than though they are, how they feel more for the poor saps they have to lead into the promised land. It is a pathetic arrogance that the right mirrored on their path to the minority. The right tried to mimic Begala and Carver in their condescending and flip arrogance, and reaped the same results that these Clintonites reaped for the Democrats as a whole. I have never understood the cult like admiration for the man from Hope who decimated the democrat hold on federal power.

And now a new man with “Hope” has unleashed the inner liberal nanny that cowers inside the far left, and the result is the same. A growing rejection of the liberals’ failed policies is massing in response to the frightening overreach of government bureaucrats to decide who shall live and who shall die. In response to the failure to address the problems of health care cost alone, and by allowing Pelosi and her liberal wing nuts to play know-it-all-gods, President Obama’s approval ratings are crashing:

This is not only an enormous shift in attitude AFTER the President’s abysmal prime time, but it may just be irreversible. We still face over a year of unemployment over 9% with the bottom yet to be found. People wanted simple and incremental changes to address a few nagging problems. They did not vote for radical liberal social experiments.

But President Obama was so naive to the ways of DC and the federal government he handed over his key signature issues to zealots and ideologues who are so radical in their thinking they always scare the hell out of normal people once it is clear what they are actually planning to do to this nation.

After two major failures what people will want most is for the liberals to be shut down and give the nation a chance to fix their mistake in 2010. The more the liberals push in the opposite direction, the worse the change will be for the Democrats.

Update: BTW, there are real examples in the US of the disaster we may have avoided by rejecting the liberal take over of our health care industry. Tennessee actually tried a Pelosi-Obama like risky scheme, and paid an incredible price for their mistake:

The genesis of TennCare has many parallels to the situation in which we find ourselves today. It was a public option plan designed to save money and expand coverage. In the early 1990s, Tennessee was facing rising costs in its Medicaid program. TennCare was designed to replace Medicaid with managed care and use the promised savings to expand coverage. By 1998, TennCare swelled to cover 1.2 million people. Private business dropped coverage for employees and forced them onto state rolls. By 2002 enrollment had swelled to 1.4 million people and forced Tennessee’s Governor to raise taxes and ultimately propose an entirely new state income tax to cover the unforeseen costs. Governor Bredesen was ultimately forced to dramatically restructure a program he has since called “a disaster”. By 2006 Bredesen had disenrolled nearly 200,000 people and slashed benefits.

We don’t need to theorize about the effect of Obamacare. There is no real guesswork as to the result. With restrictions on changes and new customers on private health care plans on the now infamous page 16 of the House bill, we know in 5-10 years all the private insurance companies will have been shuttered and closed down, throwing millions of people out of work.

The only guess work from Tenncare to Obamacare is the speed and the scope of the destruction, not the path.

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  2. lacegrl130 says:

    I am afraid they do not care about the polls. If they ram it through this week – the senate may tinker a bit, but we may still end up with this monster in some form. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I don’t want to get too excited about his unpopularity. According to Rasmussen – 54% blame Bush. This number might be all they need to ignore all the other numbers.

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  4. JDavis says:

    I don’t have the transcript yet so I’ll paraphrase Gibbs said that if you are an elderly person with diabetes and a bad foot and a twelve year old obese child, the money would be better spent on the twelve year old.

    This was plainly said and exactly what they have in mind for us. If you are older and have a gangrenous limb, you won’t get treatment, what will you get? The option to let it kill you slowly and in excruciating pain as the disease spreads or the poison pill.

    I don’t think the panel even paid attention to it. I wonder if I’m the only person who did! These people who presume to take over everyone’s life and health are barbarians. Do they plan to let this plan cover them? Never!

  5. JDavis says:

    (I apologize for my poor grammar.) I’m in the age category to be disposed of when I become inconvenient.

  6. kathie says:

    Medicare and Social Security is not a privilege doled out by a benevolent Federal Government. It is a solum promise by the Federal Government that in exchange for 12% of my earnings I will receive medical care at the age of 65. Of course it would be assumed that I would receive the best that the medical community has to offer. For all of my working life I have paid for two insurance policies, one insured my future the other insured the present.

    A promise is a promise Mr. President. Changing the rules when I have no other choices is not a winner.

  7. penguin2 says:

    AJ, what makes you say “he was naive to the ways of DC and the federal government?” I don’t believe he was naive for a minute. maybe there are a few details he doesn’t know about, but he doesn’t care. The result is all that matters. That was to expand government control and power over the general populace.

    Socialism destroys capitalism, and takes the middle class down to a lower socio-economic group. The United States has had a remarkable middle class, grown by the ability of the lower socio-economic groups to move up. The elitist, leftists and their extreme socialism will create a two class system. Those that belong to the elitist ruling class and all others.

    If this were not so, they would not refuse to put their own into the same system they want for others. It is all about power and control of the people by controlling the economy. At what point can we call him a Communist? Isn’t that what he really is?

  8. WWS says:

    And now for something completely different –

    The Obama Senior Care Plan in action!!!


    (posted especially for JDavis and Kathie)

  9. Frogg says:

    Zogby, in line with Rasmussen, has Obama’s approval at 48% in a recent poll.


    I’ll believe when I see it; but, unlike Pelosi who has indicated she has the votes in the House…..a top Dem Senator has said Republican support will be needed in Senate to pass a healthcare reform bill.

    Key Senate Democrat Concedes Republican Support Needed for Health Overhaul
    Sen. Kent Conrad, the chairman of the powerful budget committee says Senate Democrats alone cannot pass President Obama’s ambitious overhaul of how Americans receive health care.

  10. kathie says:

    Thanks WWS……I’m not dead yet either……I’ve written a zillion letters.

  11. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    Here’s hoping you’re right about the harm Hussein et al have done themselves in the public “mind.” But we must never underestimate the tenacity of the media or the gullibility/stupidity of far too much of the public. These enabled our thug, acting president to reach the White House.

  12. lurker9876 says:

    That’s pretty bad.

    Redstate has a link to an article about Sweden considering an abandonment of its welfare program. Ya think our thugocracy will listen this time? Nah.

    I laughed when I went to Drudgereport and saw one headline saying that Obama is hoping for a rebound after a tough week.


    After reading about the First Family’s month-long vacation plans for August at Blue Heron Farms in Martha’s Vineyard, I have to wonder where Michael Moore is for not producing a movie slamming Obama for taking a whole month off for vacation when he should be working in WDC.

    Such hypocrites.

    American Thinker has a good article about Totalitarian Democracy versus Liberal Democracy. Obama is transforming our country towards Totalitarian Democracy.

    I am just amazed that there are still many Americans out there that just don’t recognize the symptoms of socialism.

  13. lurker9876 says:

    [blockquote]Zogby, in line with Rasmussen, has Obama’s approval at 48% in a recent poll.


    I’ll believe when I see it; but, unlike Pelosi who has indicated she has the votes in the House…..a top Dem Senator has said Republican support will be needed in Senate to pass a healthcare reform bill.

    Key Senate Democrat Concedes Republican Support Needed for Health Overhaul
    Sen. Kent Conrad, the chairman of the powerful budget committee says Senate Democrats alone cannot pass President Obama’s ambitious overhaul of how Americans receive health care.

    How much Republican support? One vote or one trivial amendment submitted by a Republican as defined by Rahm?

  14. Mike M. says:

    Naive? AJ, this was planned. Obama and the Radical Left have been scheming to grab control of health care for decades. It is not only power in itself, but a whip with which to lash people into abject servility.

    If the Left has their way, ANY resistance will be used as an excuse to deny care – to you, to your family. Lick Big Master’s jackboot just so…or die.

  15. Terrye says:


    Well that poll gave the people the choice of who is to blame for the recession, Bush or Obama. They did not include Congress. In fact I saw a poll at Rasmussen not long ago that only gave the president 15% of the blame when Congress was included in the question.

    But the question is moot anyway. Bush was president when the stock market went haywire in September, for some people that is all they need to know. However, the further we get from September 2008, the more blame Obama gets in general. By 2010, Bush will not be an issue.

  16. Terrye says:

    As for this health care plan, I doubt very much if it will pass in its present form.

  17. crosspatch says:

    We just don’t NEED a national plan. We can make some changes to the systems we have today that will take care of practically all who need it.

    1. Allow insurance companies to operation nationally rather.

    2. Standardize the reimbursement requirements across the states. Having some states require medical insurance reimburse for such things as men’s hair transplants is just plain nuts. That drives up the cost of care for everyone. If you want a hair transplant, fine, pay for it yourself but your neighbors should not have their medical insurance premiums raised so some people can mollify their insecurities over hair loss.

    3. Require healthy people who opt not to take insurance even though they can afford it and it is offered them to be insured. Having healthy people who don’t need much in the way of services paying premiums into the insurance provider reduces premiums for everyone. If they want to keep their premium down, they can elect a high deductible plan.

    4. Provide some mechanism for unemployment compensation to include health insurance premium payment.

    But this will never happen because the real purpose of this bill is to get rid of Medicare as we know it. Medicare in its current form is going to bust the budget. They need to come up with a way to institutionalize the depriving of care to the old in such a way as the “no” votes from the old people are countered by “yes” votes from enough people who think they are gaining something. So the notion is to bring EVERYONE into Medicare, for all practical purposes, and propose “universal” care for people people than would be deprived of care.

    This is just plain insane. It should be called The Elderly Elimination Act of 2009.

  18. crosspatch says:

    “1. Allow insurance companies to operation nationally rather.”

    Meant “nationally rather than state by state”.

  19. WWS says:

    I like the idea that would create co-ops which would allow small businesses to band together and obtain rates akin to big business rates. There are a lot of things wrong with the current health system and many parts that need reform – it’s just that the current proposed reform would only make everything vastly worse!

    That’s also why it’s so disingenuous for any poll to ask people whether they want reform. I want a good reform, for cryin’ out loud! But no reform at all is better than the monstrosity that has been proposed so far.