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Oct 11 2008

Men Protecting Men Who Harass Women

McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America! I know the Palin Derganged liberal media is cheering POLITICAL conclusion that Governor Palin abused her powers as governor in trying to protect her family from a stalking, abusive brother-in-law. The key point in the report: A legislative investigator found that Palin violated state ethics […]

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Sep 22 2008

Whoa! Palin Political Enemy In Troopergate Is A Wife Beater???

Wait just one second. As I have noted many times the Troopergate saga is a political hit job, and recently one of our readers connected the dots to show it is probably a coordinated smear between Palin’s political enemies (which she has earned many in her efforts to clean up corruption). The media is relying […]

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Sep 20 2008

Breaking News: Union Political Tricks Behind Palin’s Troopergate Issue – Updated

Updates below the fold – more from SBD Reader SBD, who is one of the best researchers I have seen, has pulled together an exhaustive history of events and reports surrounding Palin’s battles with Walt Monegan and is allies. It is a comment worthy of being a post all on its own, and is being […]

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Sep 19 2008

ABC News Smoking Gun A Dud

ABC News thinks they have found a smoking gun in the troopergate fiasco where Democrats are siding with a drunk trooper who tasered his step son and threatened to kill Governor Palin’s father. None of that matters to the Obamanation Media. Their evidence is a joke – made even more so by they leaps of […]

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Sep 16 2008

Alaskans Go To Court To End Partisan Witch Hunt Of Palin – Updated

Note: I should note that the intentions of Monegan could be on the up and up, pushing for more security. I let my experience of how some use their government jobs and legislative positions to line their pockets color my view of all this. The man did try to fight his boss the Governor and […]

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Sep 03 2008

The End Of Palin’s Troopergate

The latest, faked liberal media story against Palin has just been doused. The claims have been running in the ‘news’ media that Palin and/or her family pressured the Public Safety Commissioner (her police chief who serves at her pleasure) to fire her former brother-in-law. The Palin campaign has released an affidavit that, in the very […]

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