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Dec 11 2011

Hiding The Medieval Warm Period

Not surprisingly there is so much more damning information in the 5,000+ new Climategate emails it is hard to know how to present it. You could do large posts noting all the incidents of unscientific behavior, or you could do tons of small ones on each instance. I have a larger post in mind that […]

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Oct 05 2009

Global Warming: The Forest For The Tree Rings

Updates Below There has been a shocking discovery in the last week as it pertains to global warming: there may be nothing unusual about the recent warming of the Planet Earth. This realization has come about because it was discovered that suspect tree ring data used to relate today’s climate to historic trends has been […]

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Sep 28 2009

Paul Krugman Tries To Play Scientist, As Real Scientist Uncover Serious Flaw In Global Warming Data

Major Update Below! Paul Krugman’s ego runneth over. He thinks he can wade into the scientific debate surrounding global warming and be credible. Where he gets these delusions of grandeur is unknown to me. As someone who works in the complex and competitive world of space systems and aerospace, I know that the young and […]

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