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Feb 05 2009

Liberal Arrogance Implodes Democrats

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The so called stimulus package being considered by Congress is collapsing in an implosion of reality. People are starting to focus on the make up of the bill, which apparently President Obama wants us to ignore. He knows it is in trouble, so he has claimed we should close our lying eyes, ignore the details […]

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Feb 04 2009

Stimulus Package Is Full Of BS Pork

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  I love frisbees. I played ultimate frisbee when I was young, and the family still loves playing frisbee golf. But for the life of me I cannot see the frisbee saving the American economy. Las Vegas, which by some accounts already glitters, wants $2 million for neon signs. Boynton Beach, Fla., is looking for […]

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Feb 04 2009

The Messiah Comes Crashing Back To Earth

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I am now starting to get really worried about our political neophyte of a president. Maybe I am just seeing what I am disposed to see, but he seems close to breaking all records in terms of losing support. And for America that is a real danger. Obama and his inexperienced team have bungled numerous […]

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Jan 05 2009

Obama Going To Govern A Lot Like Bush?

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If current trends continue President-Elect Obama is going to really screw with the far left and far right in this country – and perhaps retain a strong centrist base from which to execute two terms in office. Right now Obama is really defying many of claims he will govern as an extreme liberal, defanging the […]

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