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Sep 22 2008

Jawa Report Traces Palin Smears To Obama Camp – Updated

To coin a phrase, when Obama said “the gloves were coming off” he clearly meant that the dirty tricks ‘sock puppets’ (people who pretend to be other than they are on blogs and websites in order to post fake and fradulent information) were going on. And he and his campaign just got caught with their […]

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Sep 22 2008

Another Coordinated PR Hit On Palin – And Red Necks!

To over use a Jeff Foxworthy phrase, but “I are one”. Too many urbanites think being out in the country is akin to being down a few IQ points. Funny thing is (especially here in the south) those country drawls you here are a great IQ filter in themselves. Anyone who thinks a slow southern […]

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Sep 17 2008

“Community Agitator” Approach Indicates Flailing Obama Campaign

I had to steal a great line from Mark Levin today (I rarely listen to him these days, but beltway traffic can lead to long commutes with only AM talk radio as a companion). He called Barack Obama (and by extension his campaign) the Community Agitator, and it fits. We now see what Obama-Axelrod Axis […]

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