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Jul 16 2010

The ‘Transparent’ Administration

When the country heard the word ‘transparent’ coming out of the inexperienced young senator from Illinois during the presidential campaign season of 2008, they rightfully assumed it meant there would be no more back room deals, special interest favors, bribes or kickbacks.  Well, apparently what the audacious and arrogant candidate meant was he would be […]

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Jun 03 2010

The End Of The Obama Era

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I really hate to see things end horribly. Yes, some people sow what they seed, and in the case of our naive and arrogant President he has no one to fault but himself (and maybe those voters who put him in this spot). But you hate to see what was a moment of hope and […]

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May 25 2010

Sestakgate – Time To Come Clean Dems!

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Update: Seems Marc Ambinder has news that the person Sestak spoke to on more than one occasion about the job/bribe was Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel: Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), a friend of the President and his Chicago entourage, said that Rep. Joe Sestak, the new Democratic Senate nominee from Pennsylvania, should provide a fuller […]

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