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Jun 20 2008

Sadr’s Shrinking Protests

Anti-American Shiite Cleric Moqtada Sadr’s political movement is running out of gas. Every friday he has called for protests against a long term alliance between Iraq and America (the details of which are being negotiated – as is expected in peaceful debate). When he first called for these protests four weeks ago the crowds numbered […]

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Jun 19 2008

Another Smashing Success In Iraq

Prime Minister Maliki has executed another smashing success in Iraq has Iraqi forces have taken control of the Sadrist enclave of Amarah, the capitol city of Maysan Province.  The initial phase was a window for militants (mostly Mahdi Militia) to surrender there arms and join society.  Apparently that was very successful: Dozens of Shiite militiamen […]

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Jun 17 2008

Sadr and His Sadrist Movement In Full Retreat, Part II

The defeat of Sadr, the Sadrist Movement and their thuggish Mahdi Militia continues apace today as massive numbers of gunmen turn themselves into authorities in Amarah, capitol city of Maysan Province along the Iranian border: Gunmen from different armed groups have begun to surrender to Iraqi government troops in the city of Amarah ahead of […]

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Jun 16 2008

Sadr and His Sadrist Movement In Full Retreat

Sadr and his Sadrists movement are in full retreat politically and militarily in Iraq as Maliki further strengthens the Iraqi government’s control of that country: Iraqi Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s recent decisions show he is pursuing a twin strategy — trying to regain control of his militia and avoiding confrontation with the government. … But […]

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Jun 15 2008

Maliki Moves Against Militants In Amarah, Iraq

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As I noted yesterday Prime Minister Maliki has moved against militant forces, who likely are part of the Iranian arms smuggling efforts into Iraq, in the Maysan Province capitol City of Amarah: Amarah is also one of the last bastions of the Mahdi Militia and one of the only major cities run by the Sadtist […]

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Jun 15 2008

Sadrists Movement Is Dead, Pulls Out Of Elections

Wow – even I did not predict Sadr’s debacle over the last few months was this bad.  I knew he was losing support among the Iraqis (see my previous post here).  But i suspected his recent surrendering to Maliki was an effort to stop the hemorrhaging and buy time to rebuild some credibility.  Apparently it is too […]

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Jun 14 2008

Sadrists and Iranians Losing Support And Ground In Iraq

A couple of weeks ago Iraqi (Arab) Shiite-cleric-in-hiding (in Iraq with his Persian Shiite hosts) Moqtada al-Sadr called for weekly protests against the American “occupation”.  This was Sadr’s last gasp as Sadr City fell under Iraqi control and the Mahdi Militia were beaten back in their main stronghold in Sadr City.  This was only a […]

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