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Jan 19 2010

MA Special Election Results

It’s over – Brown is the next Senator of Massachusetts! It is We The People’s Day!!!! UPDATE: Tweets reporting Coakley CONCEDES!!! Update T+80 min: 69% reporting and Brown still leads 53-46% Update T+70 min: 65% 60% reporting, Brown up by 7, Patrick Ruffini calls it for BROWN! Update T+60 min: Gardner, another bell weather location, […]

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Nov 04 2008

Great News For McCain! – Maybe Not

PA too close to call – McCain is very much alive. What worries me is FL and IN. Would like to see those go McCain. Update: Some networks called PA based on exit polls alone – but Fox News notes there are ZERO election results to make any assessment. It is now up to our […]

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Nov 04 2008

Good News For McCain

So far Obama only has won VT and McCain has won KY and WV. Amazingly a lot of states are just too close to call, including VA, NC, SC, NC, GA, OH, and IN. Well, we know Obama is not ahead +15% as the lopsided national polls claimed. What we have here are conflicts between […]

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Nov 04 2008

Calming Down

We are seeing conflicting numbers in exit polls data and The Fox News Panel was a little too positive about an Obama win for me to now feel confident. To save us all headaches I am going to sit back and watch for a while as the real data starts coming in from VA. As Geraghty […]

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