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Jan 27 2012

Romney Really Pulling Ahead In Some Polls

Finally, we have real data showing a shift to Romney. Both Quinnipiac and Rasmussen show a clear trend in the data (comparing polls from the same pollsters over time – apples to apples). Prior claims of a shift, as I noted previously, were not correct – just lucky. So it looks like Newt is losing […]

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Oct 18 2011

Salute To Anderson Cooper – Cain Rises Above The Fray

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First off, I am a political animal covering decades of the inside Beltway BS and I tip my hat to Anderson Cooper. For the most part, Anderson tried to give every candidate time on all issues, tried to give each candidate a chance to respond. He was excellent as a moderator (more please). Anderson teed […]

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Aug 14 2010

Political Elites Attempt Snubbing The New, All-American Candidates

What makes a good modern day politician? In my mind it is someone who lies really well on camera. Which is probably why Hollywood and Politics get along so well. Acting, after all, is pretending to be someone you are not in a very convincing manner (special effects don’t hurt). Politicians and their handlers try […]

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