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Mar 16 2009

Democrats & Obama Worried About Voter Backlash

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The New York Times is reporting the Democrats in DC are all of a sudden worried that the voters are rising up against their reckless and unfocused policies. Before I get to the NYT piece I have to wonder what in the world brought this crystalizing moment of sanity to the DC liberals who have […]

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Mar 14 2009

The Political Fringes Are Disintegrating Into Madness & Chaos

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Updates Below I have been remiss in posting for a few days, mostly due to work overload. And if it is not work there are tons of remodeling/rebuilding/maintenance projects backed up at the home ranch I need to tackle. But another series of events has kept my mind and spirit from posting – and that […]

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Mar 05 2009

Oh Lord, I Agree With Chris Mathews

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While many political watchers are amazed that MSNBC’s Chris Mathews would turn on Obama and the dems for not keeping their campaign promises, I am intrigued about why Obama doesn’t take advantage of this low hanging fruit? Mathews is spot on in the piece below – Obama could easily instill confidence in the administration and […]

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Mar 05 2009

Will Moderate Dems Bolt On Obama? Will A New Gang Of Moderates Save The Nation?

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Update at the end -  While the Dems do have huge majorities in Congress, Obama and the liberal Dem leaders in Congress can still go too far and be defeated. Right now there may be a chance this could happen, because there  seems to be a mini-revolt brewing in the Democrat ranks over the Omnibus spending bill […]

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