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Jul 31 2012

My Personal Favorite Olympian For 2012

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I have discovered a new role model for our young girls: Missy Franklin. Her story is one of Middle America shunning the lime light and promises of money (for now). I loved her back story (fixed and updated link), how she decided to stay with her coach, her family, her friends and her school. I […]

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Oct 02 2009

O-Bomba’s Olympic Failure

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I have been quietly rooting for Rio to get the 2016 Olympics since North America has hosted a lot of Olympiads and South America none. So the breaking news that O-Bomba bombed out in the first round is fine with me. But the fact that our distracted President has wasted time wooing the international community […]

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Aug 08 2008

President Bush Pokes China In Its Oppressive Eye By Being At Olympics

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President Bush, by personally being at the Olympics in China, is representing what the Chinese leaders fear most – Freedom.  Freedom of speech, freedom to make personal choices, the neutering of government power compared to the independence of the individual.  As leader of the Free West, Bush is doing the right thing by attending the […]

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