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Sep 25 2010

Castle Needs To Run Write-In Campaign

Since I have been for removing the Democrats in power and not for any specific group on the right, I have to break all my earlier complaints with Crist and Murkowski and others who could not listen to the voters and go with the idea of a Mike Castle write-in campaign. This is more in […]

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Sep 16 2010

O’Donnell Is Not The Tea Party

I really hate group think. I really hate being told by a mindless mob to get with them or else. It’s so socialistic. Let me echo something I put in a comment at Hot Air while our site was down (and it may go down again – fingers crossed it won’t). There are MANY of […]

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Sep 14 2010

Dirty Political Tricks, Now Where Have We Seen That Before

As I noted in the comments on another post, the spectacle unfolding in the DE GOP senate primary has become a joke. It seems the Tea Party and Governor Palin are being brought back to Earth in DE. The movement and governor have produced surprising and needed upheaval in the GOP. They did it by […]

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