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Aug 06 2008

Pakistan Exposes CIA Activities In Pakistan Tribal Areas

Those of us who have been keeping an eye focused on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and the lawless tribal regions of Pakistan (the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and the North West Frontier Province (NWFP)) have know from sporadic news reports spanning almost year that the CIA and US Special Forces were operating inside Pakistan, along […]

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Aug 01 2008

Interesting Happenings In The Afghan-Pak Tribal Regions

    Things are definitely heating up in the Pakistan-Afghanistan tribal areas, thought to be the last major sanctuary for al-Qaeda and extremist Taliban forces and leaders. It is important to remember al-Qaeda’s goal in all this – they want war between the US allies. They would love to see Pakistan, India and Afghanistan break […]

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Jul 23 2008

Fly By: Pakistan and Afghanistan Border Region 07_23_08 – Updated

Little time for an in depth discussion on the material I found recently, but I do want to get it out for folks to review. First, there is a conflict brewing between the militant Taliban and the local government and pro-government tribes. The stage is set for a major crackdown by the government as the […]

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Jul 02 2008

Taliban Infighting May Be Sign Of Pakistan “Awakening”

I have been hoping for months now that the pressure we have been seeing put on the Taliban and al-Qaeda remnants inside the tribal areas of Pakistan might bear some fruit. Back in January of this year there were reports that a new Taliban leader, Baitullah Meshud, was charting a new and dangerous course by […]

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Jul 02 2008

US Special Forces In Pakistan – For Months Now

The International Herald Tribune (IHT) ran a reasonable article (for them) recently on the al-Qaeda and Taliban forces who retreated from Afghanistan into the Pakistan area and efforts over the years to deal with them. I want to take some key information from that article to lay out the case that we are seeing the […]

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