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Jan 01 2010

When Blogging Impacts National Security

I was absolutely furious with the NY Times when it ran a deceptive article in December 2005 on the changes to FISA made by President Bush to untie the hands, remove the gags and take off the blind folds from our national security defenses. I noted the faults with the story instantaneously and spent years […]

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Nov 08 2008

Burn-Out Open Thread

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Folks, after weeks of working at a frantic pace AND blogging about the upcoming election you can tell my posts have been few. Sadly there is nothing that really interests me in the news, which is the worst way to experience the post election world right now. From the ground things are well back to […]

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Aug 09 2008

Does News Media Access To Terrorists Trump National Security?

What is more constitutionally important:  Corporate news media get access to terrorists so they can make a profit on distributing the propaganda of our enemies, or  Protecting the security and safety of our nation, its people and its allies against the mindless brutality and atrocities terrorists plan for us every minute of every day? Normally […]

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