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Jan 28 2009

The Science Fiction Of Global Warming

It is becoming quite apparent that some zealots in the federal government have been rigging their data to create the false impression there is an ecological emergency – where there is none: When first implemented in 1990 as USHCN version1, it employed 1221 stations across the United States. In 1999, NASA’s James Hansen published this […]

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Jan 25 2009

The Obidiot Arises, Opinion Polls Start Falling

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It has not taken Obama long to destroy the image of hope and change he presented the American People. As Pew just noted yesterday the top issues for this country – per the voters – is the Economy, Jobs and Terrorism. To date all of Obama’s actions have been irrelevant or undermining to these issues. […]

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Nov 29 2008

World Cools On Man-Made Global Warming

It seems the world is not ready to destroy the world-wide economy on a fancy of error ridden ‘science’. As more and more evidence comes in refuting the Chicken Little calls from the pews of the Church of Al Gore/IPCC, it seems the idea of blowing trillions of dollars and destroying the minimal, quality of […]

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Nov 18 2008

Must See TV: 5 Years On Mars

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Last night I watched 5 Year On Mars, the National Geographic documentary of the two martian rovers (Spirit and Opportunity) built by NASA JPL, which have well exceeded their design parameters of 90 days of operation. After nearly 5 years of major successes and numerous near death experiences, these robots (guided by human operators by […]

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Nov 16 2008

Global Warming Lies Will Bring World Economic Recession

  There are legitimate times when nations need to suck their resources and production capacity dry in an effort to save humanity. The last time was World War II. Since then there have been times when nations need to buckle down and make investments in national security or emergency response to natural disasters. But these […]

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Jun 23 2008

NASA Scientist Lies About His Faulty Climate Predictions

NASA “Scientists”, media whore and alarmist Hansen is out again screaming “the sky is falling” because of Global Warming, and more importantly crowing about his prediction 20 years ago – which never came true! Here is Hansen discussing everything about the Church of Al Gore – except the fact the IPCC predictions from 18 years ago never […]

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