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Jul 23 2008

Obama Ignoring Advice From All Corners

Reader Sally Vie pointed me to this Washington Post editorial which is noting the obvious – Obama is as oblivious to the opinions of world leaders and American leaders as he has been oblivious to the reality on the ground in Iraq: THE INITIAL MEDIA coverage of Barack Obama’s visit to Iraq suggested that the […]

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Jul 20 2008

Only Journalists And Liberals Would Confuse “Schedule” And “Conditions”

OMG – how much brain damage did the elitist school system do to this nation? The reason I ask is because those of us who went to public schools seem to have come through the ordeal sane, but those with Ivy League educations seem to have lost all their marbles – especially the journalists! How […]

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Jun 15 2008

Maliki Moves Against Militants In Amarah, Iraq

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As I noted yesterday Prime Minister Maliki has moved against militant forces, who likely are part of the Iranian arms smuggling efforts into Iraq, in the Maysan Province capitol City of Amarah: Amarah is also one of the last bastions of the Mahdi Militia and one of the only major cities run by the Sadtist […]

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