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Jun 12 2010

Obama Is Flailing, Lying And Forging Over Gulf Spill

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After who knows how many holes of golf since the Gulf oil spill erupted, President Obama is going to meet with the wrong leader of BP on Tuesday. He’s meeting the Chairman of the Board who has not been working the oil spill, instead of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tony Hayward who is leading […]

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Sep 19 2009

“Revenge Of The Telemprompter”: Obama’s Presidency Is Failing

I have been trying to understand what President Obama was trying to accomplish when, only days after he promised the American people in the well of congress he would never allow illegal aliens to feed at the bottomless trough of tax payer subsidized health care, he came out and openly admitted he would solve the […]

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Apr 26 2009

Barney Frank Lies To America To Cover Up His Part In The Economic Collapse

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Verum Serum dug up and old video of Barney Frank in full denial mode that his beloved liberal social experiment on the nation’s housing market was going to cause economic chaos – it is a stunning exercise in hindsight. Franks lame promises his social experiments with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are from 2005, a […]

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Sep 19 2008

Team Obama Riding Goebbels Coattails

I don’t like spin or sound bites. The first item is the act of presenting a misleading image of an issue by cherry-picking aspects to emphasize one view. Misleading through being incomplete. Sound bites are ways to hide key aspects in vaguery. Some sound bits summarize well, become a shorthand for a common understanding, and […]

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Jul 22 2008

Obama Lies So Much He Can’t Keep Them Straight

As a follow up to my post this morning, where I can tell Obama has just lost the election with his loose lips comments in the ME on Iraq, folks have been pushing the servers at YouTube with vignettes catching Obama is out and out lies. One of the better ones came from Hannity & […]

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