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Feb 13 2010

The Pending Implosion Of Liberal Socialism

Marxist, socialist, liberal, progressive – it does not matter what minor distinctions you wish to use, all of them are heading for world-wide implosion as the decay that is built into their public policies finally start rippling through world markets. Left wing ideologies all suppose the government is superior to the market and the individuals […]

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Jan 20 2010

Best Post Election-Earthquake Reads

I have been scanning some of the post mortems on the MA Special Election earthquake, and I have pulled a few as the ones I see as the most important. Many on the right and left will not be comforted by these observations, but that is what happens when we learn from upheaval. First, I […]

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Dec 16 2009

Global Warming Talks Retreating Into Nothingness

The great socialist, liberal, progressive, left (pick your preferred label(s)) movement has run its course. Being made up of fictional fantasies one would typically find in a Disney cartoon land (corporations bad, humanity bad, nature under attack, liberals saving the day with platitudes, etc), it is no surprise this thin tissue of unrealistic, simple-minded ‘policies’ […]

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Nov 02 2009

Liberal Verses Moderate Conservative

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Update: Updated with link to LA Times article (thanks NB) Update: Jay Cost at RCP has a coincidentally timed and similar post on the current political situation – end update The last few years have been the battle of the extreme views and their respective denunciation by America. After rallying together from the ashes of […]

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Aug 25 2009

Obama Admits Liberal Economic Policies Are Failures

President Obama’s administration has announced (because the law demands most likely) that the liberal policies he and the libs in Congress enacted to fix the economy have failed. And fail so miserably we will be living this economic nightmare for another year – right up until the 2010 elections for Congress: U.S. unemployment will surge to […]

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Jun 06 2009

Obama’s Change: A Recession Much Worse Than The Carter Years

As if the situation could not look any bleaker on the economic and job front than what I posted yesterday, a found disturbing chart on a left leaning blog site, amid a lot of concern the job situation is going to be a real political albatross for Obama and the Dems. Here’s the chart comparing […]

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Jan 20 2009

I Wish You Well President Obama, The Nation Rejoices A Barrier Finally Destroyed

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  We seat a new President today – our President. And we can finally close a chapter on the racial divides that split this nation from its inception. Our lofty goals for humanity were always deeply and morally flawed with the support of slavery and its aftermath of racism. We can finally say we have […]

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Jan 04 2009

It Takes Real Skill To Build A Sturdy Home

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  The best example of how the liberal bleeding heart creates ideas that are all hype with no substance (i.e., all hat and no cattle in the vernacular of the Western US) is how the ‘free’ housing built by Jimmy Carter by cheap labor (volunteers with little to no building skills) are now falling apart: RESIDENTS of […]

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Nov 29 2008

The Accidental Centrist?

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Is Barack Obama a stealth centrist? Did he just dupe the far left into electing him as the progressive agent of change only to walk out of the centrist closet and dash their hopes of a liberal/progressive age of America? According to a lot of discussions the Democrats elected a surprise centrist to the White […]

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Nov 12 2008

Liberal Petty Vindictiveness Can Be Very Dangerous To America

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What do the Democrats want to do for those who kept America safe from another terrorist attack on this nation over the past 7 years? Something no one would dare to predict after 9-11, that we could go 7 years without another attack on US soil. What is the gratitude to be showed to these […]

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