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Mar 07 2010

Democracy Is Biggest Threat To Islamo Fascism

We see today in Iraq two major forces of humanity in bloody conflict. We see the power of self determination, peacefully going to the polls to vote for leaders and a path forward. And we see the power obsessed fascists, who want to warp civilization to their own egomaniacal views (with them conveniently sitting at […]

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Oct 27 2009

New Threat For Islamo Fascists

You can always tell who the enemy is of the Islamo Fascists – they bomb their enemy’s innocent citizens into oblivion (they could never wage an up front war as honorable warriors). From Iraq this week we learned who and what is the current greatest threat to Islamo Fascism: As the floodwater from broken water […]

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Feb 01 2009

What Islamo Fascist Manifesto?

I was interested in a post over at Gateway Pundit about radical Islam cells in the US, but I have a major problem with the post and the new film it promotes. Here is my problem: Following the FBI release of a radical Islamist manifesto outlining its plan to destroy America from within, Dr. Jasser […]

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Jan 19 2009

Farewell To One Of America’s Greatest Presidents

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  I know my support for Bush is derided by numerous small minded extremists on the left and right. But that puts me right where I want to be when it comes to getting any nod of respect. Those egomaniacs who have a network TV grasp of what it takes to wield power in this […]

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