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Aug 19 2010

GOP Offensive, Democrats Need To Play Triage

Dick Morris has a great article out (H/T Reader Trent Telenko) noting how the Democrats are in such bad shape they need to decide, now, which congress critters to save because if they tried to save too many they could end up with even larger losses by spreading their money too thin: Take Virginia, for […]

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Jun 20 2008

Media Lies To America, Itself As Bush Gets Big FISA Win

The liberal news media is incapable of facing its own mistakes. Instead it simply tries to spin out lies to its customers and delude itself into believing that it was always being professional and accurate. Case in point: the huge FISA win Bush just orchestrated in the House of Representatives, which is better than any […]

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Jun 20 2008

House Of Reps Funds Iraq War, No Strings Attached

The House of Representatives funded the legal war in Iraq (again) without any requirements for a timetable to pull out troops. All those who whine about Bush’s illegal war need to grow up and recognize that Congress authorized the action by huge margins, and has funded the action each year with no restrictions. Congress passes […]

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