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Jul 15 2009

I Think Our President Has Lost His Mind

We have witnessed since January how liberal naiveté has applied the wrong government medicine and treatments to an ailing job market, making things worse than anyone would have expected. Obama and his liberal allies in Congress claimed they wanted to ‘stimulate’ the economy to create jobs and this had to be done right away. But they implemented […]

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Jun 30 2009

Obamacare: Only The Strong Will Survive

  We have been blessed with a set of beautiful twin girls – identical except one has genetic challenge. We also have to wonderful older children. DJStrata, our first, posts here often. And SJStrata who I am proud to announce has made it through Marine boot camp and the school of Infantry. Each was a […]

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Jun 25 2009

O-Bomba! Why Waste Money Saving A Life?

Update: I want welcome NY Times readers from Tobin Harshaw’s The Opinionator blog. I would like to give some context to my concern over the answers President Obama gave on his health care plans. I have medical power of attorney over my mid-to-late 80’s parents and frequent many kinds of medical facilities with them (from […]

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Mar 19 2009

View The Promise Of The Obama Health Care Plan!

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The liberals in DC want to mimic the socialistic, gubbernment run health care of Europe here in America. The European approach is everyone gets the same crappy health care, no one gets premier. Here in America everyone gets premier, the well to do have to cover the less well off by paying premiums (and must […]

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Nov 09 2008

Do-Nothing Congressional Dems Plan To … Do Nothing!

Well, its looks like the Congressional Democrats are not ready to lead next year, but ready to duck and run for cover. They clearly are realizing their ideas only would cause damage to this country (which is what conservatives warned all through the election): After moving quickly with an economic stimulus plan that includes cutting […]

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Oct 18 2008

Wall Street And DC Greed At The Core Of Our National Crisis, Obama Plans To Spread Our Wealth Globally!

McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America! There are many kinds of greed in this world. On Wall Street we can glimpse the “hoarding of treasure” greed, the greed to pull in as much money as fast as possible and then waste the rest of your life as the uber consumer showing […]

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