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Feb 23 2010

The Obama-Holder Failures On Domestic Terrorism Attacks

It is so pre 9/11 now. One of the tragedies that arose out of the NY Times’ erroneous reporting on the FISA-NSA changes made by President Bush in the after math of 3,000 people killed by terrorists on 9/11 was the idea we lost the trail of the soon-to-be mass murderers once they were in […]

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Jun 20 2008

Media Lies To America, Itself As Bush Gets Big FISA Win

The liberal news media is incapable of facing its own mistakes. Instead it simply tries to spin out lies to its customers and delude itself into believing that it was always being professional and accurate. Case in point: the huge FISA win Bush just orchestrated in the House of Representatives, which is better than any […]

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Jun 15 2008

Time We Got Serious About Terrorists With WMDs – Remove The Blindfold From The NSA

(Click on the image to find out more about it). The liberals in this country need to stop playing games with national security. What I am talking about is they need to stop trying pretending the mythical dirty tricks run by the NSA are more important than the reality of terrorist states having nuclear weapon […]

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