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Nov 25 2008

Yeah Baby!

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While all the news is not great these days, some of it is just great. For the first time since I can remember I filled up with $1.99/gallon gas. Now, are the dems really going to push green policies that bring back they dog days of $4.00/gallon gas?

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Oct 06 2008

One October Surprise – Oil Prices

One of the most nagging economic issues of the year has been gas prices at the pump. It is arguably one of the prime reasons so many people finally sunk financially and started losing the their homes. It is hard to keep making money when the cost of getting to and from a job is […]

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Aug 12 2008

GOP And American Victory Over Oil

Boy, the democrats played the oil/energy card really badly. They arrogantly blocked all efforts to leverage US oil and gas reserves until the political pressure from Republicans tapping into American angst over gas prices became so great the Dems had to fold and agree to a vote: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday night dropped […]

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Aug 02 2008

The Day The Democrats Lost Their Hold On Congress?

Yesterday there was a spectacle on Capitol Hill that was just stunning. It was as if Nancy Pelosi wanted to underscore her disastrous run as head of the Democrat House. While the nation is reeling under $4 a gallon gas as massive reserves go untapped here in the US, Pelosi fell victim to her socialistic […]

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