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Nov 07 2011

Fox News Surrenders For Herman Cain

Good Lord, save us from armchair experts with no backbone, morals or standards. Fox News spent an hour¬† claiming HermanCain has now been destroyed by unfounded accusations (clearly designed to destroy the peoples’ preferred choice).¬† Fox News has demonstrated why the Political Industrial Complex right and left don’t understand what is happening outside the Beltway […]

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Apr 09 2010

Dem’s Poll Crash Continues

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We are witnessing history in the making folks. We are watching how a major political party becomes extinct by totally disconnecting from We The People and deciding the party will control the nation regardless of what the voters want. As noted in my previous posts, the country wants to throw Congress out – and I […]

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Oct 21 2009

The Obama Slide Continuing

I am sure team Obama and his cronies will think of something to run through the news media (like another Nobel Prize) to try and lift Obama’s sagging support, but I think they are coming to the end of their bag of tricks. Its still the economy, stupid. As Ace and Ed Morrissey note, Obama […]

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Oct 19 2009

Team Obama Losing The Fox Wars

One thing Americans universally despise is the Political Industrial Complex – those knattering know-it-alls who are the politicians, lobbyists and their media cronies who think God placed them on this Earth to tell the rest of us how to live our lives. We are fed up with these arrogant know-nothings. We are fed up with […]

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Apr 07 2009

Will The Right Learn Their Lesson? – Updated

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Update: I have always been a conservative independent. I came close under President Bush to finally joining a party again (was a democrat growing up). But the far right and their backstabbing of Bush reminded me of their backstabbing of Reagan – which reminded me too much of the far left ,which caused me to […]

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