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Aug 20 2010

The Only Hope For American Economic Stimulus

I hate to put it this way, because it sounds like a bad cliche, but the path to economic recovery is a sound drubbing of the Democrats in November. For two years the Democrats have ignored the will of the people, instead pushing, bribing and bullying their liberal fanatic policies into law. The result was […]

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Aug 16 2009

Liberals About To Face A Major Loss On Health Care, And Maybe More

Liberals came to DC thinking America would allow them to indulge in their most extreme left wing fantasies. They horribly misread the public’s mandate when they threw the GOP out of power and gave President Obama and a Democrat led Congress a chance to prove they could solve problems. As usual, a party dominated by […]

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Jul 09 2009

Administration Tries To Lie About Failed Liberal Stimulus Experiment

Final Update: This is good, and truthful (H/T Gateway Pundit). Another Major Update: The bad news keeps coming today: Now the unemployment rate is driving the show more than any other number. Affinity for President Barack Obama doesn’t mean much if you’ve been out of a job since he took office.   Perhaps most ominously […]

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Jul 08 2009

Administration Tries To Shade Truth Of Failed Liberal Stimulus Experiment

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It was a risky scheme for Democrats. They decided to avoid the tried and true stimulus path of tax cuts (too much like the GOP, their arch enemies – damn what it means to the nation and its people). Instead, knowing full well that the federal spending programs take YEARS to kick into full gear […]

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Jul 03 2009

Preempting Possible Obama Administration Spin On Stimulus

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The $787 Billion dollar stimulus bill had three parts. One of these parts was around $305B of spending on shovel ready jobs. Some of this money went to states, but the bulk stayed within the federal government as spending programs. I have been tracking 5 departments and one agency regarding their stimulus spending, as reported […]

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Jun 10 2009

Obamanomics – Utter Failure – UPDATED!

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Major Update: Here is a must read report from CBO telling the truth about the failed ‘stimulus’ experiment. A key finding: ARRA included a number of greatly expanded or brand new programs, which slows spend-out. Translation: the government is too damn slow and lethargic to stimulate the economy – therefore unemployment will continue to get worse […]

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May 13 2009

NY Times Finally Notices Democrats Not Stimulating Jobs!

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As a recently deputized monitor for the stimulus efforts by the Federal Government, I have been posting regularly on the fact the ‘shovel ready’ stimulus money to create jobs passed last February is stuck in the sluggish federal bureaucracy. As of the end of April, across the 5 departments and one agency (NASA) I have […]

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Apr 19 2009

Where Did All Our Tax Money Go?

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  One of our most inquisitive readers posed a great question the other day, which I think everyone in this nation should be concerned about. Reader Crosspatch noticed that our economy is not reacting as it should to the influx of all this tax payer money – and rightfully wonders where, then, is it going? […]

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